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The end of the WICKED! #nephilimborn #prettyreckless

Snippet of WIP Nephilim Born

As usual, music is my muse and below you will find a video of my inspiration for this snippet.

Sabrina followed Steine into the building. He went into an elevator on the north side of the building to the 19th floor. She took the ride up.  He didn’t even realize who she was. Just goes to show how much he paid attention to his daughter’s friends. Although Sabrina did look very different; she had gone to the store on Sunday and bought a professional looking outfit to wear so she could blend instead of her normal jeans, shirt and sneakers.Sabrina was sizing up her prey. He was about 6’, thick brown hair and brown eyes. His build was kind of frumpy for his age. You could tell he didn’t work out much. She wasn’t worried about that anyway.  She knew she could take him--after all her combat trainer was a 7’2” Angel.  
As the elevator rode up people got off on their designated levels. She decided it was a good opportunity to focus on Steine’s mind. He was thinking normal mind junk of what he was doing today and how his stomach was upset and he’d have to take an antacid. Then he started thinking of what he did to Stephanie the night before and what he wanted to do to her tonight while her mother was at the gym. He was going to Tiffany’s at lunch to buy Stephanie a bracelet.
Sabrina’s blood began to boil. What a scumbag this guy was. How could he do this to his daughter? Sabrina decided to check out his memories.  What’s this?  Wait a minute. He was remembering when his wife approached him the first time. Poor Stephanie was six then.  They got into a heated argument and he had knocked her out for a couple of hours. When she recovered he had threatened to kill her if she told anyone.  Bastard!  Well, someone was going to die--that was for sure.She didn’t realize how much she was able to read into someone’s mind. This was a very useful ability even if what she had been reading was sick and twisted.
Steine got off at his stop. She noticed him glance in her direction and wink.  She winked back and smirked. She was enjoying her prey too much. This was going to be well worth it.  She took the elevator back down to the basement garage so she could prepare.  She had to eliminate the cameras and any other devices that were used for security.
Demetri was waiting for her in the shadows. He said that she should be in the elevator when Steine boarded for lunch and take it to the lower level garage. Fewer people would be there and it seemed like Steine was the type to follow her. Once they were alone in the elevator she would flirt and lure him to the garage.  Demetri promised that he would be there if she needed any help but he was fully confident that she could handle this clown on her own.
Around noontime, Sabrina started to ride the north elevator to the 19th floor. While no one was in the elevator she had disabled the camera as Demetri instructed. She moved too fast for any footage to be taken.  She got off the elevator and asked the secretary nonsense questions to buy time.  Just as planned, Steine went to lunch at noon.
Sabrina stepped into the elevator with him.  He asked what floor she was going to so he could push the button.  She told him the lower level garage.  He started to talk casually with Sabrina. “So, I haven’t seen you before.  Do you work here?” His voice repulsed her.She told him she worked in the mailroom knowing that she didn’t look old enough for any other position.  She smiled at him and asked him how long he was working here and if he could suggest a good place to eat for lunch.  He told her about a deli that was nearby that had the absolute best pastrami on rye and that she should join him, his treat.  This was going to be easier than she thought.
Sabrina told him she just had to get something from her car in the garage but then she was free to go. He offered to walk her to the car. She could hear his thoughts of all the ways he wanted to “screw” her on the elevator ride down.  Sabrina just kept smiling and using her sexual allure. This was going to be truly satisfying.
They arrived at the lower-level of the garage.  No one was in sight. She walked to the furthest corner where the light had been removed along with any cameras.  There was a Honda Civic parked there. Like a predator, he followed her. She could hear and feel his breathing start to increase. He was still talking to her about himself and how he was a successful investment banker and how it would be great if they met every day for lunch. Sabrina asked him if he was married because he had no ring on or any markings of one. He of course lied. Sabrina smiled.
She walked up to the door of the car and leaned over as if trying to open with a key. “Funny, this key always gets jammed and the battery on my alarm key doesn’t work.  You think you can come over here and help me with this?” Sabrina giggled with a helpless whisper.“Sure thing,” he said eagerly and she handed him her key. She stepped back and he tried to put the key in. He was trying for a few seconds and was mumbling that he thought she had the wrong key. With his back towards her, he knelt down because of the lack of light trying to fit the key in.  Sabrina put her hands on his shoulders gently as if to massage them. Then she whispered in his ear, “You stole my friend Stephanie’s innocence and now I’m going to take your life.”  As she finished the last word in her sentence, she bit down hard on his neck as he jerked to get free letting out a single yelp which she quickly stifled.
Sabrina had such a hold on him he could not get out of it. She drank him dry. What a power surge she felt. She could now feel Demetri’s presence near her. She turned around and he smiled. He handed her a filet knife like the ones that she would use when filleting shark. Demetri would be her lookout as she began the deed of dismembering him so that every piece of him could be scattered. 

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Basic Marketing for Authors

Do you have an idea on what basic marketing for authors is? If you like to know keep reading. 

"I just got published" She cries out to the world with absolute enthusiasm. 

No one hears her and aside from the crickets in the background, there is silence. 

Why, you ask?

Well simple, she hasn't built up an awareness of who she is. Only her close friends and family are proud and joining her at the restaurant on Saturday for celebratory drinks. Perhaps her partner in life will mention to his/her friends and co-workers.

Important fact: There are millions of authors now that have the ability to self-publish and it is still very hard to get chosen by the Big 6! And even if they do choose you that still doesn't mean they will market you. Which can be the potential for sudden death in the publishing world if you get picked up and can not produce sales.

So why should the world pay attention to you? 

I hear in the back of my head the song lyrics "I want you to want me, I need you to need me..." by Cheap Trick. You all need to be very grateful that you cannot hear me sing right about now. LOL, yes I laugh at my own jokes.

But seriously, those verses should resonate in your entire being when you think of how to take your brand, which is YOU to the next level. 

Google shows that there are approximately 7.125 Billion people living on the Earth and counting. Now I'm not saying all those people are going to buy and read your book. But what I am saying is do not get excited about 300 people buying and reading your book/s. Aim for a higher target. 

Example:  J.R.R. Tolkien author of The Lord of the Rings sold 150 million books as of 2013 but the book was originally published in 1954. That means it took 59 years to become a top 10 seller. YES it's true check the hyperlink. But why then did it take so long for his book to catch on? Simple, marketing. 

Tolkien didn't have the ability that you do with social media but what Tolkien did have was determination to succeed. He once wrote, "I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it is very difficult to find anyone." Even he had stumbling blocks but even though he spent many hours at that typewriter pounding the keys with worlds of brilliant imagination, he did get up and get out to see the world and make his mark. 

Here are some ways you can make your mark:

  1.  Build a presence on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Blog. There are virtual assistants you can hire that can help in this area in case you don't have time. 
  2. Go outside and meet people. This isn't always as easy as it is said. I am an extrovert, so I love being in the public eye but not everyone shares my personality. Find groups of people that have a commonality with you to start off there, with time graduate to other groups. Even though people are on line all the time there are still a lot of people that are physical. Leave Virtual you at home and shake a hand or two, you'll thank me for it.
  3. You remember your friends and family that you were having drinks with, recruit them. Have them help you expand your reach into the world. How? Easy, more than likely they also have social media accounts so when you post something ask them to LIKE, SHARE, RETWEET and COMMENT. Also, ask them to ask their friends and family. Build you web and it will spread. 
  4. Be consistent. This is hard as hell to do for a lot of newbies. Especially when it comes to the self-publishing authors. You publish a book and within 2 months another one is published by years end you have 6 books and 0 sales. STOP the INSANITY! I call this a "serious case of ADHD" By being consistent you FOCUS on your book and it's exposure. Market the hell out of that one book. Yes you can still write your next one/s but hold off publishing until you have a solid platform to launch them off of. You are your brand and if I don't know you I don't want you. 
  5. Don't expect overnight success. It doesn't exist. Most businesses plan campaigns for marketing. They set up an itinerary and assign dates and times for exposure on certain parts of the campaign and are very consistent with a specific ear worm or visual aid that you the consumer will connect with and after the brand has been embedded into your mind the campaign shows signs of success. Ex. Flo from Progressive Insurance or that Duck from Aflac. Branding is key.
If you can get through these 5 tips then you will be doing well. 

Marketing isn't easy by any means and neither is generating sales of any thing. You have to work at it. You have to be consistent with your branding. You need to focus, You need a plan. And most importantly YOU need to WORK at it. 

Aside from writing I am a Network-Marketing Specialist/Virtual Assistant. I offer my services to all those in need of expanding their reach. My Motto: Let me be the Virtual YOU! 

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Satin and Lace Rise of the Nephilim WIP

This weeks Tuesday Tales is written to the word prompt: SATIN. I hope you like what I have for you. This is a snippet never read before of Sabrina and Henry when they first realized their feelings for one another. See below the song of inspiration.

Junior had left around five so he could prepare himself for the evenings event.  Everyone was meeting in the hall at 6:30 and Sabrina was being announced at 7 pm.  She was starting to feel nervous.  There was a knock at her door, she knew it was Henry.  Do to the added servants they were to act as human as possible just in case. Although Henry had the ability to control the minds of humans, he did not want to have to dispose of anyone unnecessarily. 

“You can come in!” she called from her dressing room.  Sabrina was dressed just in her undergarments admiring herself in the mirror. She did not want to put on her evening dress yet. She had liked the way the satin and lace of the undergarments felt on her skin but the dress was too constricting of her movement.

“Oh, you’re not fully dressed yet.”  Henry was surprised at the way she was.  Sabrina could see his expression over her shoulder through the mirror.  She turned to face him.

“Not yet, but I will be soon.  It’s only 6:15; it takes but a minute to put on a dress.”  She was calm now and observing the way Henry was eyeing her.  For the first time she could see the hunger he had for her.
“Henry, are you okay?” She asked as she cocked her head to the side with concern. He was totally silent while he stared at her.  There was a long moment and then he moved closer to her. He reached to pull her into him.

“I’m fine, Sabrina." He whispered into her hair.  "I forget how beautiful you are and when I let my guard down I get drawn in quickly.” She could feel the warmth of his body against hers. She looked up into his eyes and his lips found hers. She could feel a tremendous surge flowing through her as his body pressed harder against hers.

She felt the moistness between her thighs develop as he rubbed his hand between her legs, bringing her down to the plush rug. Both their breathing began to deepen as they touched, rubbed and caressed each other. Sabrina pulled off Henry's jacket and flipped with him so she was now topside as she unfastened his tie and started to unbutton his shirt.  She felt his heat from under his pants rise and she could smell in the air--Hank!

“AHEM,” Hank cleared his throat as he walked into the room without a single knock to warn them.

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Alert Again WIP

This weeks Tuesday Tales is written to the word prompt: Toes

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Donna couldn't let her speak another minute or worse expose who Donna was. She knew that look. It was a look of certainty. A look, that would only lead to trouble for her. Donna would have to stifle her. But how? 

She removed her hand from her neck and chuckled. "Wow, I forgot I had that scar. Hmm, that was quite a number of years ago. But, I guess you're right 'everyone has a twin', this Donna must be mine." Donna smiled at the woman and turned back to pay the clerk and took her bag making her way quickly out of the store. 

Hopefully no one would be too suspicious but Donna couldn't take that chance. The woman was a persistent bugger and followed Donna to her car which was parked towards the back of the store under a weeping willow tree for shade. 

" I know you are Donna Right!" The woman said with conviction as she was almost directly behind Donna. "You escaped from the mental institution. Everyone is looking for you. You must have traveled for quite some time to make it all the way here. Georgia's a far way from home?" She confidently proclaimed as if finding a treasure. 

Donna had been putting the groceries in the back seat of the car as she reached for a bat that laid on the floor of the car. She closed the door shut and stood there with her back still facing the woman. The woman was so close that Donna could feel the warmth of her breath on the back of her neck. She couldn't find it in her to turn to face her. She came too far to be exposed now. She wouldn't let anyone get in her way from getting the revenge she so justly deserved. She wouldn't let anyone stop her from getting back at Charles for what he did to her. 


"Sissy, Sheriff Malcolm's here. Are you ready dear?" Abigail called out to Donna as she was finishing up the french braid in her hair. She had always like to do french braids in her hair ever since she perfected it when she was 15. People always complimented on how even it was and asked her how she could do it without having to see behind her head. She took a second to look at herself in the mirror. 

"I'll be right there." She called out.  "Perfect" she whispered to herself, she loved the dress she was wearing. The emerald green color went well with her raven red hair. She loved the way her green eyes popped with all the vibrant colors. She hoped the sheriff would feel the same.

She had spent the better part of the afternoon baking her deep dish apple pie as Abigail helped with the rest of the dinner. Abigail and Henry were off to the town for the evening leaving Donna and the Sheriff alone so they can enjoy an evening together just the two of them.

"Wow, you look amazing." Sheriff Malcolm was awestruck by Sissy's beauty. From the top of her raven red head to the cuteness of her dainty toes, which she wore only toe rings on. It made her look more like nature pure beauty. She smiled back at him and he melted.

"I'm sorry I'm a little late. Unfortunately, there was a body of a woman found by the riverside. So, I had to tend to that for sometime. I can stay for dinner but I will have to call the evening short, there's a lot that has to be done." Sheriff Malcolm remembered the body of the woman, naked, beaten and with a knife slit from ear to ear. He let out a sign. It had been a very overwhelming scene.

"Oh, that's terrible, who was it, can you tell me?" Abigail inquired with concern as Henry stood up from his chair giving his full attention.

"I'm afraid I couldn't but I also can't. This is a homicide investigation. She wasn't from around here and until we can identify the body we just don't know who she is. So she is a Jane Doe for now." The Sheriff cleared his throat.  "But, I'd like to just put that out of my head for a little while. I smell delicious food and I'm in the company of a beautiful lady, so let's make the best of this evening, shall we?."

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