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Another taste of Rising of the Nephilim

Tuesday Tales word prompt "game"
An except from "Nephilim Rising"

The smell of seaweed was in the air. A crisp, inviting smell that Sabrina loved. It was a reminder of her days growing up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.  She was always going on adventures with her pal Lloyd at Plumb Beach.  As she thought back to those days she inhaled again deeply the scents of the wind as she stood on the rocks of the jetty. 

Boy, did she miss home.

With regret she had left Henry's estate, world and his site.  Although it was for every one's own good she still felt as if a sadness had been put in place of her feelings towards Henry.  This was a strange emotion to Sabrina.  Up until this point she never really cared for any person quite like she did for Henry. She knew she felt love, lust and now sadness.  Shaking her head she looked out into the bay to see a party boat returning from a long day out on the Atlantic, fishing for blue fish. 

That was the boat her father was on. It will be another half-hour before it was docked and secure for her to greet him. He wasn't expecting her so he would be really surprised. In fact, no one knew of her return since it was a unexpected decision made by the other Nephilim.  She had thought she'd at least go to China with Ishmael for a couple of months but instead they sent her back to the U.S. to meet up with a Nephilim in Manhattan named Carmine.

Henry had told her that Carmine was the head of organized crime in that region.   Sabrina didn't know the purpose of her knowing Carmine.  What would she learn from him other than how to be a crook.  She had detested criminals and low-lives.  But Henry insisted that she meet with Carmine because he was a good instructor on getting things done and interacting with humans on a daily basis.  Ishmael said that they had plenty of time and that she could come to China next September.

So for now, she was on her way to the Amberjack IV to meet her father.  Tomorrow she would meet with Carmine.

She watched her father helping people off with their gear in tow as she walked up to the boat. She heard Red the Captain yelling at some guy that had drank too much beer and was vomiting all over the place. Her brother Eric was there helping out as well with the fish they were selling.  He had looked up to yell out "Fresh Fish Here!"  and he saw her. His face lit up with surprise. "Sabrina"

He sprinted over to her grabbing her up into his arms for a hug. She was a lot taller than he was but he was still able to pick her up and spin around.  "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, well, I'm just here for a little while.  It's winter break in England so I decided to spend it with you and Pop." Knowing Eric he bought every word. Relieved that he now had help at home again.

Her father had heard Eric but he was helping the only female guest that decided to join the party boat get off.  The lady looked frazzled as her partner yelled from the dock to stop taking so long and mumbling under his breath "she just had to come along" apparently it wasn't an enjoyable trip for the couple.  Sabrina's father then ran up to her and hugged her, crying and saying "Baby, I'm so glad you came home. How long are you here for?"  The smell of fish, the ocean, sweat and booze all over him.

"Pop I'm here for just a couple of weeks then I'm off again. Like I told Eric just winter break.  Then I'm going back."  Her father was never one for talking a lot unless it was about fishing or sports. So he was satisfied.

"Sabrina" Red had yelled in her direction. "Glad to see ya girl.  Why don't you help us out for old time sake and start filleting some of the fish so we can get the hell outta here early to watch the game. I hear those Giants are kickin ass!"  He had such a gruff voice from all those years of boozing and smoking.

"All right Red, I'll help ya"  Sabrina was glad that she didn't wear anything fancy.  Eric threw her a pair of work gloves and pointed to wear the extra fillet knife hung.

It was good to be back in New York.  At the bay, seagulls flying above waiting for them to toss out some fish parts and guts so they can feast. Tomorrow would be a much different day.  She would meet Carmine and they would have to do their own type of feasting.   Her father and brother didn't know of her alternate lifestyle.  It was better that way.  As long as they were in the dark they were safe.

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  1. I like where you're going with this story. Now I need to know who Carmine really is and why Henry wants her to meet him. Way to intrigue me, Tai!

  2. This is turning into a really great story. Love the mystery you have going here

  3. Thank you Jean and Lindsay for reading. May the gods of writing continue to help me with writing. Thanks for reading.

  4. This is a fabulous mystery. I am intrigued with the characters. I look forward to watching them develop in the upcoming weeks.

  5. I had to go back to the first part, I had missed reading it last week. I wonder how one becomes a nephlim.

  6. Great story, making me want to come back for more.

  7. S.E, One is born a Nephilim. They are a cross-breed of Angel and Human. Genesis 6:4 I hope you enjoyed it and come back for more.

    KCJets, Thank you for reading next week couldn't come sooner.

  8. Interesting story, Tai! And thx for explaining how one becomes a Nephlim - I was wondering the same thing!

  9. No problem Lena. I hope you come back for more. Thanks for reading.

  10. Oh, Tai, I loved this. - I love anything with angels, nephilim, anything. Good job. look foward to reading more.

  11. Cecilia I'm glad you do. Thank you for reading.

  12. This is cool,I am enjoying this storie looking foward to more.


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