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Rising of the Nephilim (another excerpt for Tuesday Tales)

Using word prompt "save"

Sabrina woke up bright and early to hear the pigeons cooing just outside her bedroom window. Wiping the sleep from her eyes and stretching to fully awaken her body. She sighed and looked around her bedroom. What a difference it was from her room at Henry's castle.  Jumping out of bed she went to the bathroom to get ready to meet up with Carmine for breakfast.

From what Henry and Ishmael told her, Carmine was not your ordinary Nephilim.  He was a little unorthodox with the way he dined.  They had warned Sabrina to just go with the flow but if she could avoid eating with Carmine that would be better for her.  Easier said than done.  She had come home to a note on her dresser from him;

Nice place! I see you like to slum it. Meet me at Da Nico Restaurant at 10 am tomorrow. Tell the bartender you're there to see me. Don't be late, I hate waiting to eat when I'm hungry!


He had been in her apartment, in her bedroom and invaded her privacy.  Leaving a sarcastic, demanding note for all to see. She was glad that at least her father and brother respected her privacy enough to not go into her bedroom.  She would have a lot of explaining to do if one of them saw the note. She was beginning to think Carmine was a prick and now as she entered the restaurant she felt uneasy with this meeting.

"Buongiorno bella!" an excited Italian man standing beside the bar said as Sabrina walked through the door. He was portly with a lot of dark hair all over him. Definitely not a part of the hair club for men. 

"I'm here to see Carmine. He's expecting me." Sabrina said as she looked around noticing how all the tables were set and ready for customers.

"Right this way" he led her past the bar into the kitchen.  Then into the walk-in freezer. He told her to close the door behind her and when she does another door will open just follow the stairs down.  Sabrina had done what he told her and at the bottom of the stairs there were two men, no, from their smell they weren't human, at least not anymore. One of them looked at her and nodded then motioned down the corridor.

As she walked down the corridor she heard "Blue Bayou" playing by Linda Ronstadt.  Her stomach had that unsettling feeling. She knew that Carmine was in the room at the end of the corridor she could smell and sense him. As she knew he could with her as well.  She approached the entrance way of the room and as she looked inside there was Carmine. Sitting at the head of a long rectangular table set for two with only wine glasses.  The room itself was like a cave, damp and cold, very medieval, blood stains on the walls all from past victims.  

"It's 9:59, very good you are punctual" Carmine said looking at his watch as he stood up and walked over to greet Sabrina with a kiss on each cheek.

"Well, I read your note and far be it from me to keep someone from a meal" She responded with a tinge of sarcasm hoping he would get her vibe.

He laughed and told her that he was in her neighborhood on business and just thought it would be nice to leave a note.  He motioned for her to sit down. She did.  He had a very authoritative way about him. He was as expected extremely handsome. Black hair with ice blue eyes. Tall, squared jaw line and a olive complextion. Any woman would be putty in his hands but she knew better. She did notice that he didn't look her directly in the eyes. That indicated that Ishmael warned him of her talent. He pressed a button that was next to him on the wall.

"Ah I've been waiting all month for this one. Sabrina you are in for a real treat. I have my food imported from Italy. The Vatican to be exact. You will love the taste and believe me you will be totally energized for at least a month. I love special occasions."  Carmine was elated that he was going to feed. 

As Carmine spoke one of the men from the corridor was wheeling in what looked like a gurney. A naked woman was on it wiggling around trying to get loose. Her feet and hands were bound. She spoke in Italian, praying for her Holy Father to save her.

The one thing about being a Nephilim that Sabrina hated the most is that she could not live without food and the only food that she could survive on was human flesh.  If only the process had been a little more civilized but to have to consume and hear the cries at the same time was almost unbearable. But she was hungry, her stomach growled and her chest heaved as her mouth watered. Animalistic instinct was taking over her being.

She could smell that this was a virgin. Very pure and untouched. Sabrina was salivating and she looked up to Carmine who was smiling at her with delight. Knowing that Sabrina was about to have a very delicious and satisfying meal. They were now alone with their meal. She could hear the woman's heart beating insanely for she knew something terrible was about to happen to her. Then Carmine said;

"Let's eat!"

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  1. Every time I read one of your Tuesday Tales posts, I'm awed by the power of your imagination.

  2. OMG!!!! You surprised the Hell out of me!! I was all sucked in and falling for Carmine...then you made them flesh-eaters! ARRGGG. Wow, Tai, what an imaginative and gripping piece.

  3. Thank you Christina. I played a lot by myself growing up. Many imaginary friends. LOL

  4. Jean, I gave fair warning.... LOL. Nephilim's: Love to hate them and Hate to love them.

  5. Now that was a surprise and I wonder what other ones you have in store for us

  6. Lindsay, you have no idea what lurks in this mind. LOL.

  7. I have one question to the readers; did anyone listen to the song. It really sets the scene......Too much?

  8. I liked when they walked thru the walk-in freezer. I listened to the song. Love Linda Ronstadt, and it does set the scene.

  9. Thank you Carolyn. I'm glad you enjoyed. Linda Ronstadt rocks!

  10. Still enjoying this story. Wondering whats next and where will it end up.

  11. Next weeks topic is LOVE, hmmm. We shall see. We shall see.


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