Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rising of the Nephilim

Henry sat in his study with a drink in hand revisiting yesterday's events.  It had been a lifetime since he wanted to touch a woman.  Of all the women in the world Sabrina was the one he wanted.

Despite her ability to woe any man or woman for that matter, she was extraordinarily beautiful.  When she walked it was as if she glided never quite touching the ground.  As she said his name she would cock her head to the side and smile. Her eyes would shine although they were black as coal. She was tall they way he liked his women.  Legs for miles. He could feel himself becoming aroused by the thought of her legs wrapped around him.  He wanted to taste her but she was forbidden fruit.

It would only be a matter of time before she would come into his study.  He had to think of a way to leave or at least to find a reason for her to leave.  It would be deceitful to him and her but he needed time to gain control of his feelings towards her.  He could send her back to America.  There she could learn from some other Nephilim that resided in New York or California.  Or maybe Ishmael would take her back to China with him. 

It was only a matter of time before Ishmael the leader of all Nephilim would know that Henry had fallen for Sabrina.   Although the code was that a Nephilim would never take the life of another, that didn't mean they would not harm or worse torture another Nephilim.  Ishmael became who he was because he could bring you to the point where you would have one breath left and then restore you.  Just so you knew the pain and suffering that would be brought to anything you loved if you crossed him. Henry knew all to well how dangerous Ishmael could be.

Ishmael would not let Henry get in the way of his plans for Sabrina.  She was his ultimate weapon and no one was to interfere with his plans.  How could someone so beautiful be so deadly and yet, Sabrina had the capability to captivate you and then split you in two.  That alone intrigue Henry.  A sick yearning to feel her strength meld with his.  She had to be sent away. He would have broken his promise to protect her but it had to be done. Otherwise he would be of no use to her later on.

"Henry" and there it was as Sabina glided into the room like a breath of fresh air.  She approached him and sat down on the floor next to his chair. Stretching her legs out in front of her, leaning her head back resting her weight on her arm she looked up at him.  Still like a child but with a woman's allure, she looked at him seductively inviting him to take her. He turned his head to look at the picture of his code of arms. 

Clearing his throat he said "You have to go back to New York for a little while.  There is a Nephilim there by the name of Carmine, he is very skilled and you can learn a few things about how he operates things in that region.  It would be helpful and you can visit with your human family for a while. You're too young to be away from them for long amounts of time without suspicion arising. I will let Ishmael know and by this weekend you will be back in America."

Sabrina's smile melted away as he looked back at her.  She first sat up on her knees and took a hold of Henry's hand.  Her touch was so soft. Like silk.  She edged closer to him looking deep into his eyes.  He was trapped in her gaze. She was too strong for him to control himself. She moved till she was straddled on him.  He instantly became aware of her and she was definitely aware of him.  As his face was a breath a way from hers she inhaled his scent into her.  Then she kissed him so deeply that from her kiss alone he felt like he would explode.

It was as if his entire body went on fire. She managed to take his shirt off without him even realizing.   She ran her hands over his chest and back caressing while kissing his mouth and neck. Every so often gently tasting him with her tongue.  Then as soon as he thought she would meet his ultimate desire she released him and stood up backing away.  He was confused.  Her face had the look of pain.

"I'll go Henry because you want me to. But I know the truth.  The real reason I am being sent back to America. If I return here it will only be if you ask me to.  Otherwise I will never come here again.  I have to go now, Ishmael is calling for me." 

She was out the door before Henry could say a word. 

©2012 Tales from Tai Vicari

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  1. Beautiful Story Tai! I believe in soul mates. I found mine...but he's an ass! Maybe you can write a story about that....

  2. Thank you Christine for reading and enjoying what you read. I'm grateful for the support. Don't forget to click onto the Tuesday Tales and read what other Authors wrote. All stories are very good reads and different genres.

  3. Powerful story. I love your writing style.

  4. Thank you Sherry. I enjoyed yours as well. Looking forward to more and more.

  5. You have a marvelous way of capturing emotions on the page. Enjoyed the read!

  6. Thank you Christina for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed.

  7. Love this story and the way you made me want to know more about these people and what she's going to find in New York and how they are going to get back together. Beautifully done, Tai. Thanks so much for joining our group!

  8. This is another great story. I love your style and voice

  9. Very good, Looking forward to learning more about these people and what there up to.

  10. Thank you Christina. I hope you visit again real soon.

  11. Jean,
    Thank you for inviting me to Tuesday Tales. I think I'm going to really enjoy being a part of something really special with extraordinary people. All Gems.

  12. Lindsay,

    I just can't wait to spread my voice some more. LOL. Really glad you enjoyed the story.

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    Thank you for reading and I'm working on the rest of the story. I hope to share with everyone real soon.


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