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Rising of the Nephilim Cont.

Tuesday Tales Prompt word is "Cheat"   Don't forget to leave a comment, your thoughts are appreciated.  As usual please enjoy the music I have left for you.


The full moon illuminated the night as if it were trying to out do the sun. Henry and Sabrina walked the streets of Manhattan. Birdland had been smokin hot that night with its smooth Jazz sounds and then pumping out Swing.  The lovers laughed at each other as they reminisced at how they attempted to dance to Swing and kept bumping into other couples because of their long-legged clumsiness. 
"Don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing" Sabrina sang as Henry pretended to play the trumpet while they danced up 8th Avenue.
Henry could not remember the last time he was so carefree.  It had truly been centuries since he last let loose and just enjoyed himself and it was all because of a Nephilim who didn't follow the rules.  Sabrina's view was fresh and full of life. She just wanted to be young and have fun. She was the breath of fresh air that intoxicated him.
"I feel like flying" Sabrina announced as she twirled around loosing her balance as Henry caught her in his arms. She had drank a lot that night telling Henry it's okay we burn it off a lot faster than they do. Although it was true, Henry knew that Nephilim's could get buzzed after a certain amount.
"Okay Sabrina, I think it's time to take you home." Henry decided.
"What are you talking about? I said I feel like flying!" and with that declaration, Sabrina revealed her wings.  Henry spun around to see who may be watching. Aside from a sleeping homeless man in a doorway there didn't seem to be anyone in site.
"Put your wings away before someone sees you!" Henry demanded.
All they needed was for someone to see them. Sabrina had no idea how angry the others would be. Sure it had happened in the past but it was a lot of work convincing humans that they were mistaken or confused. 
"C'mon Henry, live a little. I heard you were the fastest flyer. Let's see how true it is. Race me to the torch of the Statue of Liberty." Sabrina's tone had turned serious.
Henry thought to himself that if he raced her the benefit would be getting them out of the view of humans and of course proving he was indeed the fastest Nephilim.  So he agreed with a nod and revealed his wings which were black with accents of gold that reflected his hair color. 
"Are you ready? Get set, GO!" Sabrina shouted. Henry took off like lightening in the direction of the statue.
He looked to his left and then his right when he noticed Sabrina was neck and neck with him. He was thrilled that she could keep up with him. He grinned at her and then out stretched his arms as if grabbing something to pull him forward, ahead of her. He looked backed to see her and she was gone.
Confused he sped to the torch. As he approached there was Sabrina standing and basking in the moonlight with her wings outstretched looking like she was the trophy to be won for a race he had just lost. But, how did he lose. He didn't see her pass him. And then he realized what she had done.
"YOU CHEATER!"  Henry shouted towards Sabrina.  She smiled a mischievous smile back at him.
"Who me?" She laughed playfully.  "Perhaps you should think outside the box when racing another Nephilim.  Especially one that has the ability to teleport."
Henry was now levitating a breath from Sabrina as he looked intensely into her eyes and said in a low voice  "You know cheaters never win. And winners never cheat." He then wrapped his arms around her waste pulling her into him feeling the warmth between them rise.
Looking at him, Sabrina wet her lips inviting Henry to take what is rightfully his. Engulfed with intensity of passion he began to softly kiss her, first on the lips, then working his way down her neck lifting her up a little to caress her breast. She wrapped her legs around him with yearning. Breathing in his scent as she arched her back and then returned his passionate kiss....
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  1. Nice work this week. I loved the playfulness of it.

  2. I am loving Henry and Sabrina. I love the way they are carefree roaming the streets of Manhattan. Can't wait to see what their adventure is next week.

  3. Thank you Dakota and Karen. I can't wait for next week either.

  4. I loved this scene especially the end

  5. Great tale, Tai! I love the chemistry b/w Henry and Sabrina :)

  6. LOVED THIS! Saucy, spirited, fun, sexy with an unexpected twist. Well done, Tai. Great story!! Love this couple, too.

  7. Thank you Lindsay, Lena and Jean. I appreciate the feedback. I'm thinking of adding another page because I have another story going on upstairs with a lady named Donna.


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