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Rising of the Nephilim - "Love" listen to song for mood setting

Henry stood with Ishmael and Carmine in the middle of the woods waiting for the arrival of Sabrina.  It had been four months since he had last saw her.  He had hoped that was long enough for him to be able to extingquish his feelings for her. 

Carmine had reported that Sabrina had fully transformed into a complete Nephilim.  He mentioned that it was harder to resist her when she revealed her wings.  In his report he told the others that Sabrina "eminates power and there seems to be an aura of divinity" when she allows her true form to be seen. She was now standing at 6 feet 9 inches, but with her ability of guise she appeared to the humans just under 6 feet.  Carmine was pleased with his great success molding her into the power house they needed.

"I told her to meet us here at 1 a.m. sharp, believe me Ishmael, she will be here." Carmine assured. 

Ishmael was very anxious to see Sabrina's progress. He knew that the time to declare war was soon approaching and she was their hope for victory.  It was 12:57 and she still had not arrived. He huffed at Carmine's attempt to calm him down and outstretched his enormous black and silver wings to show his authority. He did not like waiting or being patronized.  "If she is late you will take my wrath."

Carmine instantly went into defense mode revealing his wings which were black and sapphire blue. Not as large as Ishmael's but just as amazing.  Carmine's minion positioned themselves at his flank. "Ishmael, let's not go there. You may think you lead us all but need I remind you that I did you a great favor with Sabrina." The tone of Carmine's voice was lethal. He was not going to go down easily.

Henry just stood back.  For centuries these two Nephilim have been at each other. It was a miracle they agreed to work with one another. As they both extended their wings, positioning themselves to attack each other Henry felt her.  She was there. He looked around but could not see her. She had allowed just him to know she was present. He wondered how long she had been watching. If she had been reading their thoughts.

"Calm down my handsome peacocks." Sabrina's voice was like a beautiful siren.  She had been there some time for she was only a few feet from Henry when she revealed her position. Her wings were glorious. Like an Angels. White with an iridescences making Sabrina illuminate. She walked between the two Nephilim looking at each one with a smile that would take any creatures breath away.

"Let's all relax and take it easy. No one's feeling anyone's wrath."  Henry was correct, she had been there a while. Both Nephilim retracked their wings and eased up on their stands.  Sabrina was definitely more powerful than she had been four months ago.

She walked over to Henry now eye level with him.  He could not turn from her gaze.  She smiled at him as she approached only inches from him. Henry felt his heart start to race. She was more beautiful than ever and he felt her within his soul. He knew at that moment all his feelings that he thought had gone were still there. He longed for her touch, her warm embrace.

As Sabrina was but an inch from him she wrapped her wings around them both  and kissed him igniting a cold fire between them. He was so entranced by her desire for him he lost all sense of himself and his surroundings.  He knew that the moment they were alone they would consummate their love for one another. He belonged to her and she to him.

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  1. Love this story and the men facing off is so real! So if she loves Henry, but is attracted to is this going to go? I'm intrigued. Great story telling, Tai.

  2. Thank Jean. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

  3. I love the attraction between Henry and Sabrina. I can't wait to read what happens next. Excellent!

  4. Lots of really great tension here--between the men and her! Well done!

  5. You've got such a powerful imagination! Awesome.

  6. I enjoy reading this, Tai. The tension is strong and your descriptive writing is spot on.

  7. So much description in this scene and powerfully presented. I almost felt I was 'there'.

  8. Thank you all for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you had the opportunity to play the music I think it adds a little more. Thank you all again.


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