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Rising of the Nephilim: Tuesday Tale word prompt: DRESS

"Why?" Sabrina whined at Henry as they stood on the Rail Bridge over the river Daugava in Latvia. 

"You and I are here to speak with one of the officials pertaining to the crude oil trade so that Ishmael can ensure his stronghold in this region.  I gave you his note did you read it." Henry seemed annoyed. 

Sabrina had dragged on everything dealing with this assignment.  She reluctantly went on the plane, insisting that she could just teleport them both, why bother with human transportation. In fact all she did was ask "why" the entire trip.  If he could bare to be away from her for a lengthy amount of time he would have taken this assignment by himself.

"Did you learn Latvian like Ishmael instructed?" Henry asked.  It was one thing to be able to look the part but if you could not speak the language, it would be impossible passing off as a native Latvian.

Sabrina rolled her eyes "Ja" which meant, yes. 

"Well then, let's go over in Latvian what we want relayed to the Prime Minister." Henry directed to Sabrina.  They had rehearsed in the hotel room earlier that day which was almost impossible to do with Sabrina kissing and caressing Henry. He figured on the bridge it was safe to go over things because she would have to be more tame in public as they had discussed. 


Ishmael wanted to have a stronghold on the crude oil trade coming out of Latvia.  It was Europe's great secret and he wanted the control.  The economy in the U.S. had been in a recession for years and although they had their own reserves of oil they were tied into China via the trade-agreement. Even though a recession had affected Latvia, it was able to rise above the financial difficulties and had become one of the most prosperous nations in Europe.  Their privatization and government structure prevented them from crumbling. A truly tantalizing feature that Ishmael wanted.

China, where Ishmael resided was becoming a power-nation and he had to obtain Latvia in order to gain further control on Europe.  That was the only country in that region that had great potential.  So he sent Henry with his talent of persuasion and Sabrina with her ability to strong-arm if needed.  Ishmael's best bet in obtaining his goal.

The only concern Ishmael had was that Sabrina was a loose cannon. She knew her potential and worth and sometimes didn't care what he instructed.  He found her at times to be insubordinate and very obstinate towards him.  The other Nephilim were starting to question his authority when she was around.  He was hoping that she would follow his instructions exactly the way he gave them to her. Learn the language, learn about the region, learn about the people and dress like them.  Do not reveal your wings.  He had instructed her like a child.

Like a child, Ishmael often forgot that she was still really only a child.  He had left her to Henry originally but Henry had succumbed to her allure. Carmine taught her all there is to know about bottom-line and what needed to be done when words did not penetrate. After this assignment she would have to go to China and stay with him in order to further her training.  The watchers were becoming suspicious and Ishmael knew war was nearing it was only a matter of time. It was now his turn to take Sabrina under his wing.      



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  1. Very intriguing and curious. I definitely need to see more of this tale. Good luck with Peguin:)

  2. The plot heats up! Look forward to reading the next installment of this story.

  3. Looks like you've done your research. Good job!

  4. Thank you Ladies. Christina I wanted to post a pic but there was just too much red-tape to use one of their pics. The bridge they are on is amazing and the pic of it was one done at night. Oh well, maybe someone from Latvia and give me a pic and I will post it on my blog.

  5. You have done your research. And don't worry about the picture, you have painted it flawlessly for us. Look forward to reading next week.

  6. I love the research you've done to bring the story to life. And Sabrina, got to love a woman that don't take no crap

  7. Karen and Lindsay thank you. I really appreciate the feedback. And Lindsay, I definitely love Sabrina, she is mad-cool.

  8. Hi Tai. You are right, Sabrina is mad-cool. And I love her character well done. She seems to stir things up in the story... :D
    Oh, you inspired me to look around on the net for pics of Latvia, My, but it'S beautiful. Totally cool. I can'T wait to see how the story continues next week.

  9. Thank you Cecilia I appreciate you stopping by and reading. I'm glad you were able to see Latvia they way I did.


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