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Rising of the Nephilim ..... Prompt Word: LEGS

The music I chose this week is entirely instrumental (skip ad).  This is not for the faint at heart.

Sabrina followed Katriana for a couple of weeks. Masked with the talent of invisibility there was no way for Katriana to suspect Sabrina was watching her every step.  Being studied so closely, Sabrina even slept next to Katriana at night.

Katriana was walking passed St. James Cathedral heading towards the Powder Tower where she was going to meet up with her friend Anna.  They had been friends since basic education and she was the only one that knew everything there was to know about Katriana. If it hadn't been for Anna, Katriana didn't know if she would have lived as long as she had.

It had been five years since Katriana had lost her family.  It was a cold winter night when the inferno engulfed her home. She had snuck out that night to go to a club with some older friends.  Her parents and siblings were sleeping.  She had so much fun that night and while she walked home with her friends joking and laughing she saw the Ripa Fire and Rescue trucks fly by her.

She doesn't know why but at the moment she had felt like her breath had been taken from her.  She started to run as fast as her legs could take her towards her home.  A crowd had formed a distance aways as the brigade of firefighters attempted to put out the fire that had taken over her home.  Quickly Katriana looked around for momma, poppa and the twins Andris and Anya, but she couldn't find them. She asked neighbors as she became hysterical with fright.

Tears welled up in her eyes as her chest became heavy and her breathing pattern became erratic.  The chief of the rescue team came to her grabbing her by the arms asking "how many people are inside" Shaking her head back and forth in disbelief she said "four". Then all became surreal as if she was in a dream state. The world around her seemed to slow down as she watched the house burn to the ground with her family inside.   

Whenever Katriana closed her eyes she could still see her younger brother and sister banging on their bedroom window trying to get out as their bodies caught on fire. Their screams of pain echoed through her mind.  Why did she sneak out that night?  

Five years and she was still haunted.

Sabrina followed and listened in on Katriana's thoughts. Feeling sympathy daily as Katriana walked the world as a zombie constantly reliving a nightmare.  Could Katriana be able to live eternity with such a horrible memory haunting her.  Sabrina had to find a way to fix Katriana before changing her.  Until then Sabrina would just follow Katriana keeping her safe and learning all she could about her.

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  1. Seems like Sabrina has her work cut out for her

    1. Perhaps. She may need to seek counsel from Henry and Ishmael.

  2. I love learning more about Katriana. Now what will Sabrina do to fix Katriana before taking her over. Love this story, Tai.

    1. Thanks Jean. I'm excited about this one as well. I do want to start introducing my other storyline so I might do that for the next Tuesday Tale. We shall see.


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