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Rising of the Nephilim.....Word prompt: LIFE

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It was all by accident their meeting. Henry had been dealing with a potential client and listening to his music. So Sabrina decided to take a stroll through Old Town, Latvia.  The lady had passed her in the street.  Sabrina took notice immediately and watched as she went into a basement restaurant named, Vecmeita Ar Kaki, which meant "The Spinster and the Cat."  Sabrina felt like she was looking into a mirror, so she changed her appearance and followed the lady inside.

A small but quaint restaurant it was.  Nicely decorated with walls painted in natural earth tones with pictures of elegantly sexy women and cats on the walls.  There was an bar in the front where a lot of locals were laughing and chatting away in their native tongue.  Sabrina was glad she listened to Ishmael and actually learned the language.

"Laipni, cik būs ēdamistabas?" The hostess had greeted Sabrina as she walked in. Welcoming her and asking how many will be dining.  

"Just myself" Sabrina had responded in Latvian.  The hostess lead her to a table that was set for two on the far side of the dining room.  The bus boy came over and quickly removed the extra setting.  Sabrina smiled and looked around the room trying to find where her double was. She followed her in but lost sight of her when she was greeted. Maybe she went to the restroom. 

Sabrina had looked down for a moment to view the menu the bus boy had left when the waitress appeared. "Good Evening, my name is Katriana. I will be your server. Can I start you out with something to drink?"   As Sabrina lifted her eyes to the waitress she realized that her double was waiting on her.  

"Water, with a slice of lime if you have."  Sabrina said calmly. Although she did not like the taste of water and since she was just there to study Katriana, she had to drink something. 

Katriana nodded her head and as she turned away to get the water Sabrina studied her walk.  She had a slight swag to the way she moved. As if she had the confidence of her beauty and yet the sway of her hips brought your attention to her curves.  Sexy and inviting. Sabrina listened in on the thoughts of the men she passed by.  Most of the men noticed her and were tantalized by her features. This intrigued Sabrina. She wondered what Henry's response would be. Shaking her head to focus, Katriana returned with her drink.

"Are you ready to place your order" Katriana asked politely.  As Sabrina listened in to Katriana's thoughts. She had told Anna the owner that she needed to make more money and didn't want to wait on singles or anyone at the bar because the tip would be horrible. 

"I'll have the Shepherd's feast." Sabrina responded. "By the way, what do you know about the Nightclubs in this area?  I'm from America and I was looking for a club to go to. Perhaps, after you get off work you can join me?"  As soon as Sabrina said it she realized that she sounded as if she was hitting on Katriana.  Not exactly the vibe she wanted to give her but she did want to spend time with her.

"Um, well you're very kind to ask but I'm busy after work." Katriana said nervously. "Godvil in Ripa may be a place that you will find entertaining.  The people there are young. If you get there before midnight you get in for free. That is true for almost all the clubs in the area when it comes to women."  Then Katriana smiled and turned away to go put in the order.

The next time Sabrina saw Katriana was when she brought out the order. Sabrina had made her uncomfortable. As Katriana placed the plate of food down in front of Sabrina, Sabrina took hold of her hand and looked deeply into her eyes. 

"I'm sorry that I have made you uncomfortable. For the life of me I don't know why I asked you to join me after work. Please believe me I mean you no harm."  Sabrina used her talent of persuasion to calm and manipulate Katriana's thoughts.  She wanted her to join her but not in the way it was expressed.  Sabrina knew she needed to speak with one of her mentors on how to "obtain ones double" without hitting on them. 

Katriana was perfect. Same features. Light skin tone, almost black hair. Charcoal colored eyes. Extraordinarily beautiful and only 19 years old. Regardless of Sabrina's approach by dawn, Katriana will be hers.

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  1. I like going through the process with Sabrina who gives the wrong impression the first time. So now I want to know what Sabrina plans do to with her double anyway? So intriguing. Damn...have to wait until next week for the rest, eh?

  2. This story is getting more and more interesting each week. And like Jean, I'm wondering what Katrina wants or needs with a double

  3. Hey, story is good as usual. Keep going, we need to know whats going to happen next.

  4. Oh, I love Nightwish! Great to find a fellow fan. The story is interesting...the idea of finding one's double is fascinating. Lots of different directions you could go from here. I'll be back next week to see where this leads.

  5. Okay, one more week then Sabrina and the gang will take a break. Legs.....


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