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Rising of the Nephilim......Word Prompt "NIGHT"

Each week I write to a word prompt for the Tuesday Tales group, but this is also one of my WIP. I appreciate all feedback. It helps me become a better writer. Yes, the music is cool too.

It had been a month since Katriana had met Sabrina the Nephilim.  She spent each night with Sabrina, learning of a world that had existed within hers.  Yet, she remained human till she requested Sabrina to change her....

Katriana walked her normal route to the church to meet up with Sabrina.  It had been hectic at work and she was glad to be on her way when her shift was over.  All the complaints from visiting Americans on what they didn't like after ordering. All the while Katriana maintained her calm disposition and smiled.  One man, who had a little too much to drink, kept grabbing at her as she passed. She finally had enough and changed stations with one of the other waitresses.  The man was enraged from the change and started a commotion, threatening her saying he would be watching her.

Katriana was now feeling better that she was on her way to Sabrina to learn more about her and how she fights. She remembered when she met Sabrina she could tell right away that she was very strong. But, what she didn't realize is that she was possibly the strongest creature on the earth. It was a relief when Sabrina guised her size so that she was eye-level with Katriana. It made things a bit easier to learn how to walk and talk like her. She had to learn every aspect of Sabrina. The only thing that would be a problem is that she wouldn't get all of her abilities once she was turned.

Sabrina said that Nephilim are born with their abilities. But they weren't noticeable till they went through puberty.  Some had the same talents as others. Some were advanced in specific areas such as, speed, strength, teleportation, invisibility while others did not have any of these talents but had abilities to control thoughts and mood instead.  Sabrina was the one Nephilim that possessed the most abilities in both areas and she was the only female among her kind. Sabrina had mentioned she was unique because of who her father was.

A block away from the church Katriana heard someone from behind her. She smiled thinking to herself it must be Sabrina testing her.  Sabrina had mentioned she would test her when she least expected it. Katriana felt the presence get closer so she turned around quickly. She was startled to see the man from the restaurant as she stumbled backwards and fell on her backside.

"I told you I'd be watching you" the man said in a low voice as he was creeping over Katriana. 

Shocked and dismayed Katriana tried to get up but it was too late the man had already pinned her down and was trying to loosen up her pants.  She started to scream but he leaned into her and covered her mouth whispering in her ear "shhh, I won't be long, but if you want to live you'd better be silent"  Tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her face. She tried to move but his weight was too much on top of her.

Thoughts of Sabrina ran through her mind. Why didn't she remember her lessons. Why couldn't she be more like Sabrina. As the man ripped her pants down. The night seem to grow even more dark and as Katriana gave in to the hell that was upon her she closed her eyes.  Praying.

A gust of cold air hit her, shocking her to open her eyes. The weight of the vicious predator had been instantly taken off of her. The animal screamed in fear. Katriana adjusting her focus through her blurred vision saw Sabrina.  She had come to her. She must of heard her thoughts and she came to save her.

Sabrina was in her natural form with her wings angled in a such a way that she looked fierce. She held up the scab of a man and looked directly into his eyes.  "No, no, please don't" he begged and Sabrina responded "shhh, I won't be long" and she ripped him in half. Blood spatter every where and Sabrina began to devour the man.

Katriana sat watching on the ground, shaking her head with the disbelief of the grotesque sight before her.  Confused with her emotions she began to rock. She realized that she was confronted with two monsters. One who preyed on her and the other that saved her. When Sabrina was finished she went to Katriana and picked her up off the ground. "Are you hurt?" she asked softly.

Katriana just shook her head not able to speak. Sabrina had gotten there just in time before he had the chance to penetrate her. Still weak at the knees Katriana leaned against Sabrina.  Closing her eyes again as all her emotions took over she sobbed. Sabrina took her up as a mother does with her child and said, "This world is too much for you. We are leaving Latvia tonight. You will come with me to my Henry's."

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  1. Love this story! "Scab of a man", such a great description, Tai. I liked the way this was paced. It was set-up perfectly and flowed beautifully. Well done. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. Thank you Jean and Lindsay for stopping by and leaving comments I do appreciate the feedback.

    I'm hoping my writing is not too much. My stories aren't for the faint at heart.

  3. Wow indeed! I did not see that coming!! Great tale, Tai!


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