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This weeks Tuesday Tale is written to the word prompt: CAR  Please leave a comment on what you think, it's a short and not what I usually write about, but hey you never know!

The day was just as dismal as the couple before.  Johnny had sat for hours watching the door of the house on Clyde Street. No movement, nothing but an occasional bird or squirrel on the front lawn.  And yet, Johnny sat and waited for someone to come out.

At this point Johnny had sat in his car for three days working 12 hour shifts.  He was mentally drained and was beginning to wish he'd be called off this assignment.  He looked at the file he was given once more as he continued to wait.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smart resided in 201 Clyde Street. Suspected of child trafficking.  Johnny went through the notes and then the pictures again of the victims that were found in a warehouse outside of Ponce Inlet, FL.  The youngest victim was 4 years old. Her face was distorted from all the physically abuse she endured.  She had been taken from the backyard of her home in Louisiana.

Johnny put the pictures and file down on the passenger seat. Disgusted at the grotesque acts that were performed on the innocent children ranging from ages 4 to 18.  It was now going on 7 pm and the sun was setting.  As Johnny stretched in his seat he saw the door open and Mr. Smart come out.  Johnny immediately called for backup as he prepared to pursue the suspect.  Mr. Smart had a child with him but what he didn't realize was that his luck had just run out.

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  1. I love the suspense you're building here, Tai. Need to change your listing from fantasy to thriller/mystery on the TT blog. Like the way you show how boring surveillance truly is, too. I like this story and hope you will pursue it. Especially since I'm hanging here and want to see Mr. Smart get his just desserts. Bastard!

  2. Lindsay I wanted to leave my audience wanting more. Hopefully it did. Jean, you're right Mr. Smart is a bastard. Oh, he'll get his. ;-)


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