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Rising of the Nephilim conts.

This weeks Tuesday Tales word prompt is "Daffodils"  

It had been several days since the incident that left Katriana in a state of catatonia.  Junior had read romance novels to her while she lay in bed.  He spent as much time with Katriana as possible.  He would go to the studio to record a couple of hours a day and then return to her bedside.  Sabrina had some Nephilim that were doctors come to visit with Katriana and they set the room as if they were in the hospital, receiving her nutrients through intravenous therapy.  A private nurse was hired to stay around the clock and care for Katriana.

At night Sabrina would sit by Katriana reading to her from old scrolls and ancient scripts on the history of the world.  Revealing secrets that were hidden from man during the 2nd century.  She did this in the hope that Katriana would accept what was and come back to her.  Henry didn't agree but knew that Sabrina wouldn't listen to anyone so night after night she read.

Ishmael had visited with Henry and Sabrina warning them of the consequences they were taking and the time they were wasting.  He was upset because this was putting an obstacle in front of what he had planned.  Latvian government had already agreed, with Henry and Sabrina's persuasion concerning the transportation of oil cargo between the Latvia ports and China.  And now they were suppose to be working on the usage of the Dolomite mineral mines which is needed for China's petroleum reservoir in Xinjiang.  Building an alliance between Latvia and China was extremely important to Ishmael and his plans.  Henry had promised Ishmael that Sabrina would not be delayed with her part and would be on task as expected. 

It was the 9th day and Junior decided being that it was Sunday and a beautiful spring day he would take Katriana out for a walk.  So with the assistance of a wheelchair he brought Katriana outside for some fresh air.  As she stared out into the distance he spoke about how wonderful the day was and how when she was better he would take her for long walks by the lake.  He brought her to the labyrinth and followed the pathway that lead to the gardens. 

Inside the garden there were many different species of spring flowers that had bloomed with colors of deep purples, pinks and yellows.  Junior parked the wheelchair by the stone bench near the koi pond and went over to the daffodils to pick some.  He brought it over to Katriana.  Smelling the bouquet of four he then put the fragrant flowers next to Katriana's nose.  "Can you smell their sweet fragrance" he asked as he stared deeply into her eyes. 

Her eyes stared back at him motionless.  He had hoped that the change of scenery would spark something in her.  He signed and then took her hand and opened it placing the flowers in in so she can feel the texture.  As he did this he felt the warmth of her breath as she exhaled.  He looked up again at her eyes and could swear he saw them shift.  He caressed her cheek and leaned in to kiss her gently on the lips.  Daring to steal a taste of her as he closed his eyes hoping for any type of response.  Pulling away he opened his eyes to the same expression and grief filled him and for the first time he began to doubt.

He hung his head down for some time when he felt a touch on the side of his face.  Startled he opened his eyes quickly and looked up to see Katriana staring back at him.  With her mouth slightly parted as if she was about to say something.  As with the voice of a beautiful siren she spoke, "Junior, please read to me."

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  1. Whew! You scared me. For a minute I thought you were going to kill off Katriana!! This is a lovely piece, with beautiful description, setting the scene and pulling me in. Now I need to know what happens next. Has she been taken over? Love this story, Tai. Well done.

  2. Wonderful description of the garden and the flowers. I was so happy to see that Katriana responded to Junior.

  3. Thank you Ladies. I really appreciate the feedback can't wait for next weeks entry.

  4. Isn't it amazing the power of flowers?


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