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Rising of the Nephilim..........Word Prompt "CHEST"

"Will she be okay?" Sabrina asked Henry nervously.  It had been 3 days since Katriana had spoken, eaten or even moved.  Had it not been for the rise and fall of her chest Sabrina would have thought her to be dead. 

"She will be fine. She is still in shock from everything. Just give her time, she will come around." Henry tried his best to assure Sabrina but he wasn't quite sure himself. A human never actually lived to see what a Nephilim was capable of.  He had wished he was able to counsel Sabrina on how to obtain her minions so that this situation would be avoided. Ishmael would not be pleased at all.

Henry excused himself and left Sabrina's chambers.  He had to call Ishmael and make sure he was calmed before he confronted Sabrina. Ishmael had a tendency to react violently before considering the outcome. Sabrina and Katriana were now in danger for Sabrina's carelessness. He knew it was a matter of time before Ishmael would be there to "clean up the mess."

As Henry walked into his study he saw that his minion were waiting for his direction. Hank, his right-hand man, who looked just like Henry but in his late 50's was sitting at his desk reading a file.  While Junior laid on the chaise lounge by the fireplace listening to his IPOD.  Junior was Henry's younger version. Henry realized he was turned at the same age as Katriana is.

"So, what are we to do with the mess that your Sabrina has caused?" Hank asked as he looked up at Henry with an annoyed expression on his face.

Henry ran his hand through is golden-blonde hair and let out a sign as he went over to Junior and pulled out his ear buds to get his attention. Junior instantly jumped to attention and looked at Henry and then over to Hank who was closing the file and putting it into the top desk drawer.

Junior had been brought up to speed by Hank over the phone two days ago.  But, he knew that Hank didn't care for Sabrina because of her reckless ways. Junior came back from France reluctantly, he had been finishing up his latest single that he wanted produced by spring. So he didn't have any real time for this situation but he knew that when Henry needed him he had to be available.

"Junior" Henry directed as he cleared his throat. "Sabrina has not changed her Katriana yet. So I need you to help with convincing Katriana about your lifestyle and how it differs from a Nephilim.  You will have to use your charm to obtain her trust and keep Sabrina in the loop with your progress. The sooner we can get Katriana changed the better off we will all be."

Junior walked over to the window annoyed at the task at hand. Then turning to face Henry and Hank's direction he said "why is this taking so long? Sabrina could have changed her the first day she met Katriana. Like you did with me."

Junior remembered his encounter with Henry it had been while he was walking down the road in France. He had just left the resistance meeting and was taking a message to some allies on the other side of town which harbored Jews before they were transported overseas to America. Henry had appeared right in front of him out of nowhere.  Junior was frightened and remembered feeling a piercing in the back of him and waking up days later in an underground tomb.  No warnings, no comfort, just taken from his life and thrown into a world of blood-thirst.  It had been a decade before he could accept and understand his purpose.

He wished he had had the option that was being presented to Katriana.  What made her so special. He had loved Sabrina and wished she had chosen him instead of Henry and would do anything she asked of him. He just couldn't quite understand why she delayed an enevitable act. Immortality was a dream for most humans.  Yes, it came with a wicked price but it had it was what many sort out after.

As if Henry could read Juniors thoughts he interrupted him. "Sabrina said Katriana is a broken soul and she wanted to mend her before bringing her into our world. Now that Katriana had seen what Sabrina is capable of, she doesn't know if Katriana will choose to be like you. If she doesn't Sabrina knows she will have to end her."  Henry remembered the look of anguish on Sabrina's face when the thought of having to kill Katriana went through her mind.

"I will go to them now" Junior said and left the room to head over to Sabrina's chambers.

Junior knocked twice and then entered Sabrina's she was sitting in her wing-back chair by the window reading and looked up at him with a smile. He smiled back and then walked over to the bed where Katriana layed.  As he looked down at her, he gasped for breath. He knew and yet didn't realize that she would look just like Sabrina except for a few imperfections here and there.

He sat on the bed next to her. Looking down he gently moved a lock of hair from her face. Heat grew inside of him with desire to kiss her perfect lips. Startled by Sabrina's hand on his shoulder he looked up to face Sabrina. She was still smiling at him as she did when he came into the room. At that moment he knew there was only one purpose and that was to get Katriana to change and become his.

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