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Rising of the Nephilim...... prompt word: Chase

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Pacing back and forth Sabrina could only think of the mess she was in because she let Junior assist with Katriana.  She should have known that he would fall for Katriana.  She looked almost exactly like her.  Henry warned her about this and now regretfully she had to admit he was right.  But it was more than just swallowing ones pride to admit you were wrong, now she had to correct the situation.  This was a task that she would have to do quickly and without remorse...


Junior laughed as Katriana told him stories of how she was a clumsy awkward girl growing up in Latvia.  She was very skinny as a child and her nickname was toothpick.  The boys use to tease her because she was the last to develop.  Junior was glad he wasn't one of those boys otherwise he would have felt really foolish.  He had no idea what Katriana had looked like as a child, but, what a woman she had grown into.  Tall, slender but with curves that made any male hunger for her.  As he stared at her while she went on and on about her life he wondered how much time he had to convince her to leave this human life behind and join Sabrina. 

"Junior, earth to Junior" Katriana sang. "Hey there day dreamer, what are you thinking about?"

"Nothing much, just wondering when you will feel comfortable without the wheelchair.  I spoke with the doctors and they said it isn't necessary anymore, so I was wondering if today you would like to try and do without it?"  Junior knew that the longer she stayed in that chair the more Sabrina would find her worthless and then her life would be in danger.

"I know I don't need to be in this wheelchair anymore but I am just really nervous.  Its been a couple of weeks since I walked and I, well I just" Hesitating and stumbling with words Katriana couldn't express what she was truly feeling but she knew that in order to be able to be more with Junior she would have to at least try to walk again.

"That's fine, perhaps tomorrow we can try." Junior tried to sound hopeful but he could tell that a different tone had come out.  He was becoming scared for Katriana and didn't quite know how to let her know.

"Tell her the truth"  Sabrina sternly said out loud as she revealed herself in the Japanese Apple Tree that Junior and Katriana were sitting under. They both looked up startled by her and Junior nearly fell off the stone bench.

"How long have you been there?" Junior demanded.

"Watch your tone with me Junior.  I've been here long enough to know that you are not progressing as you should be.  No need to try and lie I know your every thought."  Sabrina jumped down from the tree and landed softly next to Katriana.  She looked down at her shaking her head with disapproval to the situation.  Then she brushed her hand across Katriana's far head removing a strand of hair so she may see her face clearer.

"Katriana, you have a decision to make.  This is very important and I will give you till tomorrow evening to give me your answer.  So far I have not read your thoughts, but I see your actions and they are not promising. You must decide on whether you want to join me and in doing so I will turn you into what Junior is.  I hope he has explained to you exactly what that is."  Sabrina looked in Juniors direction knowing he had not completely told Katriana the truth about him. 

 "And Junior, she must decide.  You cannot protect her if she chooses wrong.  I don't want to have to chase the two of you down if you decide to take off as an act of nobility.  You cannot hide from me or any other Nephilim.  You have mascaraed as a human long enough, now let her know the real you so that she may come to a decision. As I said I will give till tomorrow evening, 7pm."  And as Sabrina appeared she vanished before their eyes.  Leaving them awed at her, so beautiful and yet so deadly.

Junior looked over to where Katriana sat.  She bowed her head and then sat up straight, positioned her arms on the wheelchair arm rests while placing her feet on the ground in front of her.  She inhaled through her nose deeply and as she exhaled she pushed herself up in a standing position.  She was a little wobbly and Junior was at her side instantly for support.  With them both standing next to each other they were almost eye to eye.  Katriana stared at Junior for a few seconds and then said "Tell me exactly who you are."

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  1. Woohoo, this is really getting to be a great story and I can't wait until next week.

  2. Loved this episode. Have enjoyed the story from the beginning but the budding relationship between Katriana and Junior is touching. A gently growing caring I see and Sabrina is now a dangerous force. The story is progressing perfectly and you ended it on just the right note to leave us hanging, waiting impatiently for next Tuesday. Well done!

  3. Thank you Lindsay and Jean for your continued support with my writing. I truly appreciate the feedback.


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