Monday, May 21, 2012

Rising of the Nephilim...Pie

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"Please get me something delicious to eat" pleaded Katriana.
Junior flashed his devilishly handsome smile her way and motion to her that he would be right back.  He made his way to the kitchen where the cook Helga was preparing dinner.  He asked Helga for a snack to be prepared for Katriana knowing that dinner was only a little over an hour away.  He did not want her appetite spoiled yet he was happy that she was hungry.  She had only started to eat again two days ago and he was concerned with her getting the right nutrition. 

Helga handed Junior a plate with a slice of pie and fork.  He took it and headed back into the dining room where he could see Katriana sitting in her wheelchair looking out the window into the garden.  He placed the plate and fork down on the table and removed the chair so that he could wheel Katriana in its place. 

He then went over to Katriana and as he approached her she became startled.  "You walk so quietly" she whispered as she held her hand to her chest as if to calm her heart palpitations.  For a second Junior had to step back from her to gain his composure.  He could hear the beating of her heart as her blood flowed rapidly through her veins and arteries.

"My angel I did not mean to frighten you."  Slowly Junior lean down and gently kissed Katriana on her forehead.  As he did this he inhaled her scent before standing up right.  She was intoxicating.  For a moment their eyes met and a feeling surged to his core and his mouth began to water as he yearned for her in every possible way.

She touched his hand gently which brought him back to his senses and he quickly went behind the wheelchair and pushed her to the table.  He sat next to Katriana as she began to eat the slice of fresh homemade blueberry pie.  He stared in envy as the fork went passed her lips.  The fork had accomplished something he had wanted to do himself.

He felt silly for a moment to think such thoughts, and he realized that no one had ever affected him the way Katriana did.  He ran his hand through his hair and chuckled at the thought.  Katriana looked up at him and asked what was so funny.  Junior lowered his head with embarrassment and said, "I'm jealous of the fork"

"The fork?"  Katriana replied with a crooked smile.

"Yes, the fork.  It has been where I long to be."  Junior was now eye to eye with Katriana and he could see her cheeks become flush which filled him with excitement.

Softly Katriana spoke, "well, you don't have to feel jealous"  and she adjusted her wheelchair to face towards Junior.  Taking his hand and inviting him to come closer to her.  He leaned closer till he could feel her breath in twine with his.

It seemed as if the world around them faded.  Staring into each others eyes.  He could swear he felt her soul touch his.  Never had he wanted anyone the way he wanted her.  He knew she felt the same way.  She leaned a little closer inviting his lips to hers.  As he accepted the invitation he whispered softly, "I think I loved you before time began." And as they embraced a fire ignited within him.

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  1. Very emotional - I love the way the pie and the fork are used to show the emotion!

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  3. And who said eating pie wasn't sensual


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