Monday, June 11, 2012

Rising of the Nephilim conts.

This weeks Tuesday Tales is written to a picture prompt below and following guidelines of 300 words or less. Please leave comments and enjoy. I have also left you a musical treat.

Sabrina looked at the sky and its golden hues intertwining with what was left of the clear day. The sun was touching the earth at its horizon, so beautiful. In the distance the black limo pulled up to the recently landed private jet. Their guest had arrived on schedule.

Henry and Sabrina were assigned by Ishmael to pick up the Premier of China. A private black limo unmarked for discretion would take them to the meeting place in a hidden compound in Selwood forest. This was an important meeting and all had to go smoothly. Henry greeted the Premier with a proper handshake as did Sabrina, giving the respect and honor which was expected from the Premier.

Sabrina listened to his thoughts and knew he was nervous about meeting with Ishmael but that he didn’t understand why Sabrina had been there. The Premier had heard of Ishmael's strong arm being a female and now that he had the opportunity to see her, he was wondering if this meeting would be a potential hazard.  She smiled at him to ease his mind. Before arriving at their destination, Henry handed the Premier documents for his viewing.

As the car door opened, a young male valet extended his hand towards Sabrina to aide her in getting out of the limo. She took the offer graciously and made her way out, nodding in approval of his manners.  She walked towards Ishmael who waited at the entranceway. The other two men followed behind. Sabrina greeted Ishmael with her eyes and then nodded and stepped to the right-side of him. Henry did the same but moved on his left and Ishmael extended his hand to greet the Premier. Then he turned without words and led them all inside and into a meeting room.

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  1. Love how you built up the suspense of the meeting. I can't wait to find out what happens.

  2. This is wonderful written, as usual. Just the right about of tension to keep the reader wanting more.

  3. So glad to have Sabrina back. Love this story and now I want to know why they're meeting with this guy from China and what's going to happen! Nicely done, Tai.

  4. Very well written, and love the suspense. Nicely done.


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