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Rising of the Nephilim........MONEY

The Primier sat at one end of the conference table while Ishmael was directly across from him. The table had computer screens built in them where placemats would be and the Premier was reading its contents. As Ishmael patiently waited for him to finish, Sabrina and Henry stood in the far corner near the window observing.

Clearing his throat the Premier spoke nervously "how do you expect me to go about this plan of yours?"

Tension instantly filled the air as Ishmael learn in to speak, "I don't really care how you do it as long as it gets done. You see you have no real choice in the matter. Latvia has agreed to trade via their waterways and have China take over on some of the dolomite mines.  It was you that requested that I help persuade Latvia so you can protect your country from further radiation exposure, was it not?"

"Yes, yes I did. But at the time I didn't realize who, ah, what you were.  I don't know what you really want from me. I, I can't be a part of humanity falling. I won't!" Excitedly the Premier protested and instantly Sabrina was at his side just staring as the Premier loosened his collar. He then poured himself some water in a glass and sipped it.

"Your humanity is so  fagile. Your kind has had centuries to ensure its existence while we stood on the sidelines. Helping you achieve your advancements.  You think you could have evolved as quickly without my kind?" Ishmael stood up leaning more towards the Premier narrowing his eyes as if he were about to lunge across the table and devour him.

"Perhaps the Premier is tired" Sabrina interjected realizing that Ishmael was loosing is composure. "Afterall the flight was a long one and we just rushed him here without even stopping in Wiltshire for a bite to eat. Relax Ishmael, the Premier is with us and so far has cooperated maybe over dinner he will change his mind. I know he just needs nourishment to think more clearly." Sabrina took a chair and brought it next to the Premier and sat in it facing his right side.

The Premier swallowed hard and look in Sabrina's direction and said he'd love to have dinner he was famished. Sabrina then held the Premier's hand and they rose from their seats together. She led him out of the room and into the foyer waiting for Ishmael.  Sabrina used her ability to control mood by calming the Premier. She did not want to control his mind, but his emtions as well as the others, had to be in check. Ishmael would think nothing of riping the Premier a part.

"Premier, I know you are worried about your people and their health. But, the trade agreement will enhance their well-being.  You will also be able to increase the revenue with the trade agreement in place.  You and your country is in the right place at the right time. I know Ishmael has a everyones best interest at heart, but he sometimes has a poor way of getting his vision across to others.  Please do not fear my kind, we have ensured the humans existance for many centuries. We need each other more than you realize."  Sabrina spoke in a manner of comfort to ease the Premeir. She knew he wasn't expecting her to be so kind after what he was told of her.

The Premeir looked at Sabrina with hope in his eyes that she was good.  But she could sense his apprehension of her.  She knew China was very strong. They really had no need for more money. They were a wealthy country. It was the high radiation levels that really plagued them and they were trying to find resources throughout the world that they can claim. It was only a matter of time before the world would start noticing the affects of radiation on China's people.  The Premeir would submit to Ishmael it was truly the only logical thing for him to do.

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  1. Looks like the Premier is between a rock and a hard case

  2. I agree with Lindsay. And this story is taking quite a dramatic turn. I'm enjoying the dilemma and looking forward to reading how it is resolved. Great story, Tai.


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