Monday, August 13, 2012

Moonlight Madness

Standing on the deck of the boat she stared out into the distance. It was soon approaching sunrise and she could see the moon so bright, it seemed as though she could touch it.  A chill ran up and down her spine, partly from the cold moist air and partly because of what she had just done.  It had been a long night.
It seemed like a good idea at first, going on a boat ride with Charlie.  He was so smart, handsome and just irresistible to everyone he encountered.  Her stomach turned as she reflected upon the last 36 hours.  Glancing down at her hands, the moonlight illuminated the blood stains. 
There would be so much to explain once the coast guard caught up to the boat.  But she did what she had to do to survive.  Anyone would have, and hopefully could have.
She could see the sun rising behind what was left of the storm clouds, as the moon refused to give up his position.  In the distance a fin emerged from the ocean water, perhaps a shark?  Shaking her head no, she tried to push the thought of dumping the still warm but very dead body in the cabin below. 
She would have to face the consequence of her actions. Besides, there was too much to cover up and not enough time.  It would be daylight soon.  So in the meantime, she stood watching the majestic moon as it bowed down and handed over its reign to the sun while she waited to pay for what she had done.

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  1. Wow, this sounds like the beginning of a great story. Keep it up, would love to read more.

  2. Is this the beginning of a new story? It's powerful

  3. A couple of nice hooks for me ... the handsome Charlie, the blood stains, surviving .... sounds like the start of a great story!

  4. This is definitely a different story that what I usually put up. I must have multiple personalities because I have two stories going on at once inside of me. These ladies are cat fighting in my head.

  5. I LOVE this new story! A mystery? A thriller? And I especially liked the way you wrote about the moon bowing down and making way for the sun. Very lyrical and lovely. I'm looking forward to reading more of this story, Tai.

    1. Thanks Jean. So many things going on in my noggin

  6. Wow, you certainly know how to hook your reader immediately, so many unanswered questions here. :-)

  7. Wanting to read the next chapter..I`m hooked


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