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Rising of the Nephilim conts.

I am continuing with Rising of the Nephilim because Sabrina said she's not done yet. I hope you enjoy and I do appreciate the feedback. This part is written to the word prompt "finger" for Tuesday Tales. Don't forget to visit the other authors on the link provided below.

Walking towards the jet with the Premier, Sabrina noticed from the corners of her eye Chinese soldiers, armed and ready to attack.  She looked down at the Premier and he yelled out "NOW" and fell to the ground.  She saw the one soldier to her left squeeze his finger on the trigger and a siege of bullets engulfed her.
Henry had stayed behind with Ishmael at the mansion to prepare for the next steps after the Premier had signed over the rights of the Latvian mines.  Sabrina had to just escort the Premier to keep him safe and unharmed as they had told him they would. Now the tables had turned.  She could read his thoughts now as clear as anything.  He had hoped to lure her away from the others to annihilate her because they feared her the most.
But, what they didn't realize is that she wasn't like her brothers. She felt the piercing of each bullet as it enter her. Hundreds ripping clear through her as she fell to her knees.  She hadn't felt this way in a long time.  She could feel a tremor inside of her.  She didn't know if it was shock or was she not as powerful as the others had led her to believe.
The shooting seized as she was now on all fours.  Breathing heavily, she closed her eyes. dripping with blood.  She could hear the soldiers as they spoke in their native tongue.  Repositioning and waiting to see what she was about to do.  The Premier quickly got up and ran towards the jet for shelter. Her heart was pounding in her ears it deafened her senses.  She sent out a message of distress to Ishmael and Henry, hoping they'd be able to sense her.
Suddenly she felt a sensation of heat overwhelm her body as if she was on fire. Gasping for air and coughing up blood she spat.  Her throat now dry and raw with the taste of her own blood.  She realized that she no longer had control of her self and anger and survival instincts were taking over.  She slowly stood up steadying herself, looking around she saw everyone around her.  She knew at that point they saw her for what she really was.
No longer cloaked with her human form she was now standing erect at 7 feet tall with her wings outstretched.  Sabrina roared in pain and fury.  The sound she let out pierced the ears of the humans and they fell to the ground.  With her chest heaving from loss of blood she inhaled through her nose smelling and then hearing the blood as it flowed through every human around her.  Her mouth began to water and she could feel the primal fear engulf all those around her.
By the time Ishmael and Henry arrived there was no one left alive. Sabrina stood drenched in a pool of blood, not remembering really what happened, just knowing that she no longer felt any pain.  In fact, she felt even stronger than ever. Henry ran to her with concern and she grabbed on to him for comfort.  She knew what she had done was horrible.  Ishmael looked around and reveled at knowing that it was the humans and their ignorance that unleashed Sabrina's true power.
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  1. Very cool, and very powerful! She certainly is a powerful being.

  2. Wow! I'm speechless. Very powerful writing.

  3. Wow, what a powerful scene! A bit scary, too. Don't want to make Sabrina mad. I love this story. Stay with it, Tai.

  4. Very intense scene, Tai! Excellent excerpt!

  5. Awesome scene. The intensity mind blowing. Brest excerpt.

  6. Vivid description of the bullets and the pain. You captured the action in this post.

  7. I thank you all for stopping by and reading my work. I appreciate the feedback. It helps me to know that I am expressing my characters correctly and with the feelings that I feel within. Sometimes it can be hard to put to words what you have in your head.


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