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This weeks Tuesday Tales is to the prompt word "Ghost".  So I was able to participate, I had to fast forwarded to the where my characters Sabrina and Henry meet up again after being a part for some time. Don't forget to listen to the song selection added for you enjoyment.


Sitting on the throne with Ishmael at her side, Sabrina felt empty.  She had done things that as a child she would not imagine possible. So much death and destruction. And all for what? She had no idea why she let things go as far as they did.

"Your father will be here shortly" Ishmael said to Sabrina hoping it would bring a smile to her face.

"Wonderful! At least someone is happy that dear ol' dad is coming." Sabrina did not want to see Samyaza.  It was a little over a year ago when she had met him for the first time and he was everything she thought he would be. A perfect Angel. But, he was hell bent on revenge against God and his creations.

There were many similarities between her and her father. Both had dark colored hair, fair complexion and White iridescent wings. They couldn't be more different personality wise and yet their anger was not welcome by anyone. He hated almost everyone and thing and she couldn't quite understand why she had to destroy.  She hated killing for the sake of killing. She knew the necessity to eat so she did what she needed to, but now, she was the weapon of choice because of her unique ability to kill clean.

Henry had left her cold and alone after her father came.  He had told her he served his purpose as instructed and made her a part of the brethren of Nephilim. So he was assigned a new task. At first, she didn't believe him. She begged him to stop saying such things. She threatened she would read his mind for the truth. When she had tried, there seem to be a block. He left her.

That was almost nine months ago.   She had been devastated and went into a depression for some time.  But instead of locking herself up in a room filled with sorrow, she used her heartache as fuel to destroy their enemies.  It was only a matter of time before world order was completely run by the Nephilim race.

From time to time, Nephilim she encountered mentioned Henry to her. Saying he was there and spoke about her.  She would ignore the comments.  She felt like half a being and at one point made known to others that if they approached her and even mentioned Henry's name, they would sorely regret it. She made example of one Nephilim when he tested her. Samyaza felt that her human emotion was very strong so he assigned Ishmael to be at her side as a advisor and counsel. She ended up just doing whatever Ishmael told her.


The door to the chamber had opened as Ishmael and Sabrina rose up to greet Samyaza as he entered. Sabrina looked over her left shoulder towards Ishmael to see him beaming with excitement. Shaking her had, she looked ahead as her father walked through followed by Henry.  Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at Henry as if seeing a ghost.  She quickly looked downward as her chest began to heave. 

What was he doing here she thought to herself.  Looking up she started to walk quickly to him and stopped midway.  She positioned herself as if she was walking towards her father instead, hoping no one had noticed her first direction.  She then approached her father who stood in his natural form and a litter over a foot taller than she was. Samyaza looked down at Sabrina with a smile on his face. "Father, welcome back. I see you brought a companion with you. We were only expecting you today." Her voice was stale as she spoke.

"Child, I don't answer to you or anyone else on my actions or who accompanies me. But, knowing your history with each other, I will make an exception. Henry asked to see you.  He asked for your hand and I approved. So, you will have a unity with him."  Samyaza walked around Sabrina towards Ishmael as she stood silently looking at Henry.  Hearing her father's words echo in her head.  She knew she loved Henry still, but she was not a toy for any one's use. She narrowed her eyes coldly as her blood boiled. She had had enough.

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  1. Nicely done! I found the background info very useful and fascinating!

  2. Guess things are going to get a tad bumpy for these two soon.

  3. I love the way your layered in the background information giving us a better feel of the characters.


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