Monday, October 1, 2012

Sandy D. Dog

This weeks Tuesday Tales word prompt is "dog" so I decided to write a poem. Not my forte but hey why not.

Ooof, followed by the smell of bad breath.
And yet, I get up without being slightly upset

She nudges me to go downstairs and greet the day.
Even though I'd love to go back to bed and lay.

Innocent, pure and with unconditional love.
She watches over me!
She never fails me!
She is always happy to see me!

And without her, my heart will ache,
My soul will cry.
I must not think of thought that will make me sad inside.

No matter what you ask of me
I will never deny
My best dog named Sandy
Always by my side!

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  1. Lovely poem that captures how we dog owners feel perfectly!

  2. Aww. Love the poem. I have three cats and I love my feline friends. They are part of my family. Perfect!

  3. I loved the branching out into poetry. It's really nice and smooth to read poem.

  4. I love poetry! Great idea to write poetry to a prompt, Tai! I'll have to do that sometime...

  5. Great Poem !!! Reminded me of our little dog, so loyal to my two girls ....

  6. Thank you everyone. I took Lindsay's advice and decided to "think outside the box!"


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