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Rising of the Nephilim....

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It had been months since Katriana had become immortal.  Her training with Sabrina was brutal at times and she couldn't wait to be in Junior's arms after her sessions were over. She found herself sometimes regretting her decision but every night she knew why she did. Had it not been for Junior she didn't think she would have chosen this path.

Sabrina was in a particularly irritable mood during this session of combat training.  They were using Nagamaki swords.  Sabrina felt that in the war between Nephilim and Angel knowing how to utilize a 2 foot sword for Katriana was important.  "Thrust upward, damn it Katriana."  Sabrina raised her voice, frustrated.  It had been a long session and she was losing her patience with her.

"Look, if your going to allow yourself to die, why bother being here. Just go to Junior now and say your good-byes"  Sabrina tossed her sword to the side and started to walk away.  She knew that Katriana didn't have a chance in hell if she was going to be so timid.  Katriana look almost identical to Sabrina but her actions gave away her true identity.  Weakness was not an option and they were running out of time.

"I'm sorry Sabrina.  Please let me try again."  It seemed as if every time Katriana tried to do as she was instructed it wasn't good enough. She was becoming frustrated at herself and wanted to give up but she remembered what Junior had told her about Sabrina having an image to uphold and that she had to reflect that image or others will know and kill her on site. So much for being an immortal.  She didn't realize that immortal to a human is quite different being immortal to Angels and Nephilims which she was know among.

"Please, I don't want to give up.  Perhaps I need a different way of learning or maybe someone else to teach me."  As she spoke those words she instantly regretted it. Dropping her sword down and falling to her knees, she closed her eyes. She gulped preparing herself for Sabrina to lash out on her for being so insolent.

Laughing Sabrina towered over Katriana.  She just looked down at her and gently patted her head.  "It would be easier to let that happen, but then, you would be training with a weaker fighter and if you're going to learn how to fight it might as well be with the best."  It was a cocky statement but they both knew it was the truth. Sabrina helped Katriana up off her knees and looked into her eyes motherly smiling to comfort and reassure her, when she suddenly felt an Angel's presence. 

Katriana picked up on Sabrina's concern, a gift at becoming Sabrina's vampire.  "What's the matter, why are you alarmed." Sabrina transformed into her true Nephilim form taking Katriana under her wing and turned slowing, guarding Katriana like a child.  She was looking for their uninvited guest.  Katriana was peering through Sabrina's silky wings when from the far corner of the room a blinding light radiated and out of it came the most beautiful creature her eyes had ever seen. And she felt as if she was loosing her breath.

"Demetri" Sabrina said with a sign of relief. "Why are you here? All Angels are suppose to keep away from me till I call for you!" She said in a huff.  She relaxed her stance and motioned to Katriana not to be afraid.  Katriana slowly came out from behind Sabrina.

"How precious, you have a mini-me. Well, your father will be pleased. You know we are always watching despite your, request." he said ask he walked up to Katriana and caressed her check.    Demetri's Russian accent was thick but Sabrina always felt a stirring inside whenever he spoke to her. Memories of him sitting by her bedside as a child reading stories and comforting her throughout the night came rushing back. He was hers, mandated by her father to watch her, protect her, teach her and then lead her in helping take over this world. She had refused.

"Your time is almost up. You will soon have to declare your position to your father. He wants to hear you say what you have decided. Sabrina, you know I would lay down my life for you if you only ask me to, but my loyalty to your father will always be first. He does not know I have come to visit you.  I did so to warn, convince you to do the right thing. Pick the right side. You are a true gift to this world and I would be torn to pieces if you were no longer."

Demetri was now eye to eye with Sabrina.  Katriana was right beside her and she could feel the intense emotions between the two. So much so it was as if she was feeling exactly what Sabrina was. She had not desired anyone but Junior and now she was confused. Demetri looked down at Katriana and smiled then returned to looking at Sabrina and cupping her face in his hands he drew her close to his warm lips.


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  1. Wow - Demetri's kiss is such a surprise. I am completely intrigued with the characters' relationships!

    1. I am too. They weren't always like that with each other.

  2. I love this story. Mini me!! You have folded Katriana's being and Sabrina's being together so perfectly. Now a kiss from Demetri?? So intriguing. Looking forward to more. Great story, Tai.

    1. Thanks Jean. Sabrina and Katriana are defining themselves and going on and on in my head lately. I'm so excited.

  3. This is the first I have read of this story Tia! WOW! What a great scene and attention grabber!


    1. Thank you Dawne for stopping by. This is my baby that I seem to be coddling. But, I'm going to let my precious go soon into the world and see what happens.

  4. Interesting twist at the end, like there might be something between them. I can't wait to read more.

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