Monday, January 7, 2013

Rising of the Nephilim....

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The crowd of onlookers were in awe at Junior and his newest "girl toy" as the press named her. They were on the red carpet at The Grammy's.  Katriana was so elated because she had never been exposed to such famous people. It didn't really impress her as much as made her feel a bit important.

Junior beamed with pride since Katriana was the one at his side. He had begged permission of Henry and Sabrina to take her. Sabrina finally gave in and now there they were, for the world to see.

Katriana was by far the most beautiful female there. She had worn a champagne colored silk form-fitting evening gown, that had exposed her bare back. Her jet black hair was pinned up with pearls in a bun and some curls were cascading down.  The only jewelry she had on was pearl posts that Sabrina had lent her telling her simple but elegant is the look she should have.  Katriana was divine.

"Junior, Junior! So who's the latest fling" a paparazzi taking pictures yelled in their direction.  Katriana didn't like some of the comments she heard being tossed her way, yet she continued to smile as Junior instructed in the car. He had told her that when you are in the public eye you will have people that absolutely adore you and then there are the haters, those are few but their words sting.  He said to try not to show them that they get to you. Keep smiling, no matter what. She was going to do just that.

There were reporters, commentators and press of all kinds everywhere. Everything was so bright and Katriana was beginning to feel overwhelmed, when Junior whispered into her ear "c'mon, lets go inside" and he took her by the arm and led the way. 

It was quieter inside but still really busy. Interviews in almost every corner.  Katriana recognized a few faces, mostly Americans.  She heard some of their music but not much being that she was from Latvia.  Her favorite performers weren't at the Grammy's, although in her opinion they deserved to be. She had been a long time fan of Nightwish and of course her favorite performer was Junior. But, when he sang to her it was much different then when he did in public.

Junior had been blessed with the gift of song. His Henry allowed him to go public every other 75 years so that no one would be able to catch on as to who or what he was.  Henry had told them with technology advancing the way it was it will be getting harder and harder to hide that Junior is the same person, so after this run they will have to cool off for some time till Hank can figure out how to get over this hurdle.

But, Junior said that what Sabrina and Ishmael was doing they may not be in hiding for much longer.  Which would help with their lifestyle and feeding requirements.  Before Katriana had changed she didn't think of her new diet plan and now, well, she was stuck eating to survive. The only benefit was that she could go days without a meal and it didn't seem to bother her. She was still able to eat regular food but it was like eating air, she was not satisfied unless she sank her teeth into something live.

Being at this event with Junior was helping her to feel like a normal, well somewhat normal human again. She loved being with him where everyone could see that they were a couple. This new life seemed promising and Sabrina hadn't asked her to do anything that was dangerous, yet.

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  1. Nicely penned, I could almost feel the excitement on the red carpet!

  2. Lovely description on the red carpet. Now I wonder what Sabrina is going to ask her to do.

  3. Love the way you brought in how they managed to stay hidden but in the open at the same time

  4. I love that Katriana has taken on a life of her own and not just become a satellite to Sabrina. She's quite an interesting character. The story seems to be leading you, Tai and I love that. Go with it, lady, it's sucked me in.

  5. Unique TT, I could envision their walk on the red carpet.


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