Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rise of the Nephilim....WIP

SEDUCTION: The enticement of a person to sexual intercourse. Or, something or someone that attracts or charms another.

That is what Sabrina first told Katriana as she explained how she would seduce Issy for her. She would be doing the latter of the two. Which was a relief to Katriana. She didn't want to betray Juniors trust in her but at the same time her existence was at stake when it came to disobeying Sabrina. She could charm, well at least she'd give it a try. After all how hard could it be to get a male to do as she wanted, right?

Sabrina waved her hand in the air as if giving a slow giant good-bye. And when she did it felt like things slowed up.  Katriana felt strange and her thoughts were a bit cloudy.  Sabrina approached her and said she had slowed up time for a little while so that Issy wouldn't see her there and she could give instructions on what to do.

"I will start off with seducing Issy. He will not notice that you and I have switched, he isn't that attentive, believe me. All you have to do is be still in the corner by the window behind the curtain. I will lead him to the chaise lounge and straddle him. I want you to watch me. Then when I motion for you to come over do as I instruct. I promise you won't do anything to feel guilty of. Besides, he wouldn't tell anyone once he is under our spell."

And with another wave things seemed normal. Katriana immediately took her place behind the corner.  As she did Issy came out and Sabrina was standing by the full length mirror looking in it at herself with her blouse hanging off her shoulder as if admiring herself.

"Wow, I guess if I looked as beautiful as you I'd stair at myself"  Issy walked across towards the dresser in a towel only wrapped around his waste. He opened a top draw and pulled out his pajamas and started to turn to head back into the bathroom that when Sabrina glided over behind him touching his shoulder to stop him from leaving the room. He quickly turned around and had one raised eyebrow with a look of suspicion.

"Are you nervous?" Sabrina asked coyly. "I won't bite you unless that is what you like."

Issy moved in closer to Sabrina, not realizing she wasn't Katriana. He drew Sabrina  in for an embrace, it was deep and rough as he grabbed at Sabrina hungrily.  He was starving for her and finally he was able taste her and she was delicious.

Katriana watched uneasily not knowing how far Sabrina would go and why she wanted her to watch. After a few moments of passion Sabrina took control and pushed Issy back from her and stared intensely into his eyes with a smirk that made Katriana blush. 

Sabrina slowly lead Issy to the chaise and pushed him down straddling him as she leaned in to kiss him all the while never losing eye contact. She began to unbutton her blouse revealing her breast that were amazingly perfect. Instantly Katriana touch her own wondering if they were that amazing and realized that she may have quite a few differences. She continued to watch as Sabrina took Issy's hands and lead them to touch her. He cupped her tightly which Sabrina acknowledge with a sensual moan. And Issy closed his eyes as he continued to massage her.

At that moment Sabrina motioned for Katriana to join her. She used telepathy to let Katriana know to remove her blouse and carefully sit in front of Sabrina. Looking down at Issy, Katriana realized that he was under a spell, mesmerised in a deep state of illusion. Sabrina assured Katriana that he could  not tell either of them apart but was now fantasizing being with them both.

Katriana did as Sabrina instructed. Sabrina carefully switched his hands from her breast to Katriana's.  Then she guided Katriana hands to caress Issy. He felt so warm and smooth and she could feel Sabrina's bare breast up against her back and she began to feel a stir within her and Issy became very well aware she was on top of him in just the right spot. Katriana couldn't help herself as she became moist. Sabrina whispered in her ear "stay focused" And Sabrina guided Katriana to lean into Issy's as if to kiss him.

She did this and found her breath quickening. She bite her lower lip as she was but a breath away from Issy's lips. So close that they were sharing each others air.  Issy slowly opened his eyes and stared into Katriana's and said "I'd do anything for you."

And as Sabrina instructed Katriana whispered "You are mine and so you are hers. Deep inside you will not defy your mistress Sabrina, she will guide you lest you be dead" Then she kissed Issy deep and long until he was unconscious.

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