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Rising of the Nephilim

This weeks Tuesday Tales is the BEST OF. So this seemed to be the blog post with the most traffic. So HERE it is again. For those who have read it, I hope you enjoy it again. And for those who are first-timers, let me know what you think. It's your comments that help me to improve my work. 


The night was clear and you could see every star and the great big moon. Had the circumstances been different Sabrina would have been captivated by the awe-inspiring night sky, but a chill had taken over the air around her and she knew this was the night that she would confront her greatest adversary. Her creator. Her father.

Slowly Sabrina rounded the street corner. She had sensed him for quite some time. Following her since China. She didn't want to alarm Katriana. So she sent her back to Latvia and Junior where she knew she would be safe besides Sabrina knew he didn't want Katriana, but he wanted her, alone.  She couldn't help but feel apprehensive. She knew what he was and his power.  She would not be able to defeat him in battle or at least not until she knew more about him and what his weaknesses were.

The streets in this part of England were deserted.  No one really hung around after midnight unless they were a drunkard.  She didn't sense any humans, just him and his minion who followed him concealed by the shadows.  They didn't put fear into her heart but it was him that made her fear for her life. From the time she could remember he came to her in her dreams. Cradling her, then engulfing her with darkness.  But this was no dream, he was moments away in the flesh.

A figure stood by the street lamp approximately 12 meters away.  Her mouth became dry and she tried to salivate by pressing her lips together and swallowing, it helped but not much.  She stopped and just stared at the figure illuminated by the light from the lamp but covered with a dark hooded cloak.  From where she stood she could see the hump of his wings underneath his covering.  He was taller than she was and broader. "Why are you so intimidated by me" His voice was captivating and he sang his words pulling her in to a type of trance.

She didn't even feel herself move closer to him but now she stood directly in front of him. She looked up slowly trying to see his face within the hood and all she could see was glowing yellow eyes which sent chills through her. Nervously she responded "I'm not intimidated, I just didn't expect to be seeing you. At least not this night." She stood more erect to show her confidence in her statement. She would not let him take advantage of her. She may be his creation but she was her own person. No being from Heaven, Hell or on Earth would dictate to her.

He laughed heartily and engulfed her into his arms hugging her close as she stiffened. She held her breath not knowing what to do or think.  She had not expected this type of greeting.  He gently put her down releasing her from his hug. "Child what have they done to you.  You are more important to me then any being in the universe and yet fear has been instilled in you." Sabrina's eyes widened staring more intently trying to get a better glimpse of his face.

He must have realized what she was trying to do and he leaned in closer to Sabrina and removed the hood from over his head.  Sabrina gasped and stepped back. He illuminated and was by far the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.  But why did he hide himself? She could stare at him in adoration forever. As if reading her thoughts he responded "An Angel can captivate and keep an audience just as our Father can. I do not want to possess you but love you and you love me, as your father and not the Angel Samyaza!"

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  1. How fascinating! I fear deception, but is it? You once again left me wanting more. :)

  2. Wow. That ending left me hanging. I love how you let him expose himself. Wonderful ending.

  3. What an incredibly moving piece! Wow! And so beautifully written. I can't wait to see what transpires between father and daughter, now that you've fooled me and transfixed me when he took off his hood. Wonderful, Tai!

  4. Great emotion and feeling in this scene. Interesting last few lines

  5. That is really wonderful - How could anyone fail to not want to know more...?

    I had an awesome image in my mind when he revealed himself...xx

  6. I love how her assumptions of him were completely off base. She expected someone evil and instead she found a loving father. Wonderful interaction between them!

  7. Love the way you lead up to the revelation. Awesome.

  8. Nice piece. To end it with a name of a fallen angel makes me wonder if she is serving somone evil or good.


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