Monday, July 8, 2013

Alert Again WIP---Word Prompt: LONG

Hello All! Thank you for stopping by my site. I' continuing my story about Donna Right she is just aching to let the world know how she will, well you'll just have to read to find out the rest. This weeks snippet is written to the word prompt: LONG. Please go back to the Tuesday Tales to enjoy more great work by other writers and authors.


They played a round as the coffee brewed and had small talk in between. Henry told the sheriff that Sissy was his brother's daughter from Texas and that he had passed away a couple of months ago and Sissy was just torn up about it. So she thought she'd come here to recoup from her loss. Sissy performed well, keeping her emotions accordingly to Henry's story.

Abigail finally brought out the coffee and sheriff complimented her on having the "best dang coffee around" Abigail said she had learned when they had visited Columbia on a missions trip from an old village lady, then she giggled and said, "well, I guess I'm the old village lady now" Everyone smiled and Henry put his hand on hers and with pure romance said "you will always be my beautiful Loretta Young." and he reached over and kissed her forehead. They all smiled at one another at the charming sentiment between two old lovers and continued playing and talking of idle things going on with others around town.

Then the sheriff's radio interrupted with a very southern female dispatcher calling him. "Sheriff Malcolm, this is Molly, come in Sheriff" The sheriff had responded and Molly said that there was a suspicious looking character wandering around the Dudley's Farm and Mrs. Dudley was nervous because Mr. Dudley was out of town for a long weekend and she thought it was that crazy woman that was on the loose.

With that the sheriff got up, grab his jacket and hat. Said thank you for all the hospitality and if it be all right he would love to stop by again soon to play another hand when he wasn't on the clock. Henry said anytime they would like that. And he was out the door and on his way to find out if Mrs. Dudley was okay.

Sissy signed in relief as did Henry and Abigail and then they all burst out in nervous laughter and ended the card game, cleaned up and all retired to their rooms for the night. As Sissy got ready for bed she thought of how handsome Sheriff Malcolm was and shaking her head told herself to focus on her mission. She was not going to let Charles off the hook for what he did to her. She had to be careful and never let her guard down again. Things were going right for her again. She will stay the course and Charles would pay......
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  1. Hmmm....somehow I don't think the handsome sheriff is quite out of her life just yet.

  2. I`m thinking the same thing that Sarah is. I bet we see more of the handsome sheriff.

  3. loved the scene between the couple, very nicely written ...

    I'm with Lindsay ... the mystery deepens ... wonder whether the sheriff will make an appearance again soon.

  4. I love where this is going and the subtle tension, the undercurrent in a seemingly innocent scene. Well done! Looking forward to more.

  5. I wonder what the sheriff is going to do when he finds out the woman he's attracted to is the one he's looking for? Hmm...

  6. I like the suspense! Way to go


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