Monday, July 1, 2013

Alert Again WIP

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Sissy decided that although she was going to eat herself "healthy" she was still, when she could move around better, going to exercise. Her left side and foot were still healing so she would have to wait a couple of weeks which gave time to put on pounds that she would just turn into muscle once she was able to work-out. She had been in martial arts for years and was a black-belt. So her plan was to practice her skills, run and lift weights. In the shed behind the house Henry had some old weights with a workout bench. He told Sissy when she had his medical clearance she could start using them.

Everything was going well since she was found on their doorstep. The kindness she had received from these complete strangers was overwhelming an very much welcomed.  She had been there almost a week before they had received their first visitor. Sheriff Malcolm.

The trio had been playing black-jack a poker game Henry use to play with his friends every Friday night but since all had aged it became harder and harder to get together for some of them. So his new playmates were Abigail and now Sissy. It was around 7pm on Friday evening, the sun was setting which let a golden light into the window.  The dogs started barking and Henry stood up and looked out the window and saw a truck coming up the drive. He sat back down and said "just continue as normal and stay calm the sheriff is coming for a visit."

The sheriff had parked in front of the house and the dogs were barking loudly at the door. Two mutts, with sandy colored hair. They looked like they were from the same litter. Henry hushed them and went to the door before the sheriff could knock. Opening the door as the sheriffs hand was raised.

"Ah, Good Evening Henry" the sheriff was startled at the opening of the door.

"Good evening Sheriff Malcolm, what brings you out here this evening. Everything alright?" Henry was a little bit taller than the sheriff but not by much. Henry had a strong appearance about him that gave a more authoritative appearance. Like he was a higher rank than the sheriff.

"Well, I'm sure you know from being in town the other day that we are on the look-out for an escaped psyhc patient. She is extremely dangerous and well, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't come out here and check on you folks being so isolated and all. I see you have a visitor."

"Yes, we do. This is my niece 'Sissy'. She's visiting us for a few weeks. We were just playing a few hands of blackjack, care to join us since you're out here?"

The sheriff nodded at the invitation and let the dogs take in his smell before entering the doorway.

"Nice to meet you, Sissy was it?" The sheriff remembered some of the town people talking about how Henry and Abigail had a relative visiting and how with the dangerous woman on the loose it was just so coincidental. But this woman was not the same as that picture. She was stunningly beautiful. Yet she did look like she could eat some, kind of thin on the sickly side. He had extended his hand and she took it and there was a warmth that had sent a tingle through him.

"Nice to meet you Sheriff, um, Malcolm was it?" Sissy would play the game and she was going to master it. Smiling and cocking her head to the side she pointed to the empty chair across from her and said "so will you join us?"

Sheriff Malcolm went to the coat rack and hung his hat and jacket. Then went over to them and sat down. "Okay, deal me in" he said with a crooked smile and a wink. Sissy found herself looking down trying to hide her blushing face. He was very handsome but she was going to keep focused.

Abigail offered something to drink stating quickly that she didn't have any alcohol but that she could make some coffee or tea. Sheriff Malcolm with a chuckle said coffee would be fine. So Abigail got up real quick to get the coffee brewing and came back with some lemon-bars she had made earlier. The sheriff found himself staring at Sissy she didn't look like the picture all over the Internet but he still felt there was something about her.


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  1. Intriguing! Will he be safe there ?

  2. Feeling a little chill going up my spine. Is Sissy okay? Does she have a "thing" for the Sheriff and he for her? I'm dying to know. Great scene, Tai!

  3. Intriguing...I am very curious to know more.

  4. Interesting excuse the sheriff used to stop by for a visit then staying to play poker. Wonder if he's on to something even though Sissy doesn't look like the picture.

  5. I'm wondering about Sissy, too...

    Very nice hook!!

  6. Hmmm...I have a funny feeling something is about to happen the the Sheriff. Good or bad is the question...


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