Monday, August 5, 2013

Alert Again......WIP

This snippet is written with the Tuesday Tales word prompt: SMOOTH. Please let me know your thoughts and critiques. I appreciate the feedback. After reading and commenting, please go back to Tuesday Tales for more great reads.

Walking along the riverbank was so relaxing for Donna. She was able to clear her mind and focus on planning the steps she needed to take to get back into the world she use to know.  First she would have to find a way to confront Charles without winding up in jail or worse the sanitarium again.  Then she would have to get him to somehow admit that he was the cause of her father's death.  But, that wasn't good enough, she needed hard core evidence.  She needed to really think on how to go about things so she would have results.
"Hey there Sissy" Donna jumped as she heard Sheriff Malcolm calling out to her as he approached. "I'm glad I found you her, alone." he said with a crooked smile that she couldn't help but smile back at him.
"Why alone?"
"It gives me a chance to ask you a few questions without your Aunt and Uncle stepping in the middle. I mean, they are genuine, nice folks but a little possessive when it comes to you. Besides, how's a guy to ask a girl to join him for dinner if everyone is ease dropping on their conversation?"
"Oh, well, maybe the girl feels like she shouldn't be alone with strange men. No matter how good-looking they are or how well their jeans fit them."
"So, you're looking at my bottom are you?"
"I caught you checking me out the other day. You know the old saying 'what's good for the goose'"
"Is good for the gander, yeah, I've heard that one. So, how 'bout it? Join me at Ruth's for some steak.  They make the best steak around and their mashed potatoes are smooth and creamy, not lumpy. Oh and nothing like some buttermilk fried corn on the side. Hell girl, you better not tell me no, I'm dying for a great meal with some good company."
"Wow, you most definitely like your food. How can I resist steak, potatoes and corn? I guess you leave this girl no choice but to accept your invitation to such elegant dining. I hope I meet your expectations of good company"
They both started to laugh and found themselves walking together along the river.  Donna had felt comfortable around Sheriff Malcolm, he seemed down to earth.  Perhaps time just being normal could help her to get her life back on track so she could think more clearly.  Henry and Abigail wouldn't be thrilled or maybe they would about her going on a date, in town.  All Donna knew was that she hadn't felt safe in a males presence for quite some time and with the Sheriff she did.
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  1. Lovely dialogue. I like the tease in their words.

  2. Great post! The dialog was wonderfully penned.

  3. So glad she feels safe with the Sheriff...just hope her past doesn't ruin it all. I hope he's as understanding as he seems.

  4. I'm with Sarah- I hope the sheriff is on the up and up! I like him.

  5. It sounds like a good invitation for Sarah! She should go for it.

  6. Ok, now I'm hungry after reading the description of the food. Awesome post! I love that she feels normal around the sheriff. I hope there's more between them despite her past.

  7. Great dialogue except the part where you described the food. Now I'm hungry. I hope they have a good time on the date.

  8. Nice post, I hope things go well on the date.


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