Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rising of the Nephilim....Snippet

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Junior had told Katriana to follow the trail till she reached a footbridge. She had been walking for some time from the quaint town of Mondraga in Russia through a dense forest that ran along the Svir River. It was so beautiful in this part of Russia. Untouched the way God intended it to be.
Looking at her watch she stood at the beginning of the footbridge and breathed in the air around her. The smell of nature was intoxicating with its mixture of dirt, fresh water and the falling leaves.  It was the beginning of the changing of seasons and there was a chill was in the air. She was grateful for her Boyarsky collar coat as she adjusted it making it more snug to better shield her from the damp cool air.
She looked over towards the waterfall and wondered how many young lovers hide behind them as they made love in the afternoon with only nature watching by. A smile appeared on her face as she thought of the last time she was with Junior. It had been more than a month and she ached for his touch. Maybe he wanted her to meet him in this area so that they can become a part of this sensual scenery. She giggle to herself as she wet her lips just thinking about tasting him once again.
Glancing again at her watch she was more eager to see Junior.  She wondered what was taking him so long.  He said around 1pm to meet him and he will give her the message for Sabrina, it was now half past the hour and he was nowhere to be seen. She was becoming antsy and started to walk across the bridge daydreaming of making love to Junior as she waited for him.
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