Monday, September 23, 2013

Rising of the Nephilim....WIP

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Tomorrow always seemed so distant when she was a child. She guessed that seemed the same for everyone. It was hard to think that she would wake up in the morning and begin her new life. A life that she never even imagine in her wildest dreams. If someone had asked her a year ago what she would be doing, she would have probably just shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know.  But, here she was sitting in front of her vanity mirror and staring into the eyes of a familiar stranger.
She brushed her long chestnut brown hair feeling it's silkiness as she alternated her hand with the stroke of the brush. Wondering how the world would now see her, if at all. Or will she just vanish before the world ever really knew who she was.  Pausing, she looked up and stared once more into her almost black eyes "who are you?" she asked herself out loud. But no response came back to her. She finished up preparing for bed with a sigh. Was she doing the right thing? She remembered her mother use to tell her "if you have any doubt, you should back out." She knew it was a little too late to back out now.
She laid in her bed waiting for sleep to come. In the background she could hear the ticking of the grandfather clock that was in the hallway outside her room.  Closing her eyes she decided to count the ticks 1, 2, 3.... lulling herself to sleep. She began to drift away as if floating on a raft. She felt a light splash of water on her face and her eyes fluttered open as she sat up looking around.
No longer in her room but somewhere far away floating aimlessly down a river from what it seemed.  The current started to pick up and the waters became choppy and rough. She held on to the sides of the raft as a chill went up and down her back.  Confusion and fear set in and she began to yell for help, but she could not see anyone on either side of the river banks.  The raft went faster and faster down the river and she noticed a waterfall ahead. Panic became her host on this nightmarish ride down a river of the unknown.
"Take my hand!"
She heard someone yell out, but saw no one.  The raft was closing in on the waterfalls edge and she screamed as she covered her eyes before the raft plummeted down the fall.  She felt a hands grab her wrist and upper arm, pulling her out of the raft. She opened her eyes to see Sabrina saving her from the fall. She was glowing as her iridescent wings were outstretched floating on the current of the wind. Sabrina's lips moved but she could not hear what she was saying. She felt a warm sensation in her left ear, "WAKE-UP!"
Katriana shot up out of her bed soaking from sweat. Glancing over to the clock on the nightstand she shook her head. It wasn't even midnight.  It was going to be a long night, but an even longer tomorrow.

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