Monday, September 30, 2013

Rising of the Nephilim....WIP

This weeks snippet was built around the Tuesday Tales word prompts: Hard, Rough and Dirty! Yeah baby, that's what I said. Let me know how I did by leaving a comment. If you like what you read, SHARE with others. But, most importantly return back to Tuesday Tales




Something was wrong, Katriana could feel it in her bones. Junior was never late, let alone not show up.  He was a vampire so there was no way he was really hurt somewhere unless.... No she shook her head. She must not think like this. Junior would not be in such danger. Besides if any vampire is hurt their creators would instantly know and Sabrina would definitely get her to make sure she was protected.
"Hey there!" Sabrina jumped as she heard Junior yell out to her from the other side of the bridge.
She had had her back turned to him and didn't know why she didn't sense him approaching. But she was happy that he did finally show up. Now facing him she noticed that he was injured and staggering along. There seem to be blood on his sleeve. But how?  She ran to him and caught him just in time as he collapsed into her arms.
"Junior, what happened to you? How is this possible?" Katriana was shocked and confused. Only Nephilim and Angels could bring harm to vampires, or so she thought.
"I'm fine. I will heal. Slowly, but I will heal." he said with a weak chuckle.
"Where is Henry, I thought you said if something happened to us our creators come to our aide? Where is Henry. Why didn't he stop this?" Katriana was now crying. She had thought they were near invincible and now she was scared.
"My love, calm down. I did this to me.  I came across a vampire to the north from here. He was more of a nomad. I didn't take his advice when he said to go away. I thought he was just being dramatic. You know how some people say 'leave me alone, I want to be alone' then in the next breathe they want to know why no one loves them" Katriana rolled up his bloodied sleeve to see bite marks.
"Okay, that explains the bite and blood, but what about the dirt, leaves and twigs in your hair. You look like you've been rolling around in a pig pen."
"Ha, if only. Well we were near a cliff at the time of our confrontation and well" Junior paused and started to grin.
"Well what?"
"Well, the big knuckle dragger of a vamp threw me over the cliff. I reached out for a branch that was sticking out of the side of the cliff as I fell. I caught onto one but lost my grip and hit up against the side and began to roll down. Hitting every rough hard rock along the way only to get my favorite outfit dirty. But I survived!" Junior said triumphantly. Seeming to be a bit better he started to laugh like his normal self.
Katriana was so mad that he was taking this so lightly. "Why didn't Henry intervene? He must have know you needed him." Katriana pouted and crossed her arms. She did not find the humor in Juniors injuries.
"He did read my thoughts and telepathically contacted me. He knew what was going to happen and said, if I was going to continue to bug the nomad that clearly wanted to be left alone, I could deal with the consequence. I got my just deserts. I should have listened to both of them. Love, I will heal."
Katriana didn't like to see him injured but he was warned. Sabrina probably would have treated her the same way if she refused to listen. Well at least they were in a nice safe meadow. Now it was time for him to heal. They would have to camp behind the waterfall for the night. She had her camping gear with her which made things easy and perhaps her fantasy with Junior would come true.
"Let's go you big lug, before I kick your ass too!" Katriana helped Junior to his feet and led him behind the waterfall.




  1. You did well adding all three prompts into the story!!!! :-)

  2. Great job! I really am enjoying this story.

  3. Yes, great job with the prompts. Of course men never listen.

  4. Very nice! All three words intertwined into the story line like they were meant to be there. Perfect.
    Trisha Faye

  5. Love the way you handled the three words. Nicely done. I'm really enjoying your Tuesday Tales.

  6. Great use of the 3 prompt words in this,

  7. I love your use of the word prompts and I love their relationship.

  8. Thank you everyone for stopping by and your feedback. I truly appreciate it.


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