Monday, December 16, 2013

Shadows of Silence

This weeks Tuesday Tales is written to the word prompt "Bells."  I hope you enjoy what I have written. It's not a work in progress or anything like that. It's just something I wrote. I also put a song link at the bottom of my inspiration for this weeks snippet.  Please leave a comment or critique, I welcome both. 

She didn't know when or where he came from, she just knew he was there. Always watching her from within the shadows. At times it was comforting knowing he was there. And then, there were the times she wish he would just turn away and not witness what she had done. This was their unique relationship, odd, but necessary. 

"You can come out now. No one is here." She often didn't mind letting him come into her light as long as no one was around. He quietly stepped out approaching her till they were face to face. He would look down into her eyes as she looked up. He always seemed so concerned for her, but she didn't know why. She tried to speak with him but he would never utter a single word. There was an occasional sign followed by a uncertain facial expression, yet no words to follow. His silence was the kind that was deafening. Still, she needed his presence. 

"As you heard I will have to go to the Ukraine for a couple of weeks. I have fans there and they would love for me to do a few book signings. This will be my first time out of the country. How are you going to come with me?" 

He raised an eyebrow while cocking his head to one side, looking more intently into her eyes. At first she thought she saw a slight smile form in the corner of his mouth, but that would not be. He cupped her face with his big strong hands and leaned forward to kiss her forehead. She closed her eyes and could her the sound of bells ringing in her mind. She took a breath and opened her eyes to see him staring back at her. And then he moved away, slowly, into his shadow. 

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  1. What a lovely, atmospheric piece! Beautifully written. All gauzy and shadowy. Fabulous!

  2. Woo, mysterious. Love the photo of Jack and Sandy dog too.

  3. Very intriguing ... well done. Loved the hidden but true relationship between them!

  4. It may sound odd, but I found this scene enchanting.

  5. This is intriguing and mysterious. Love it

  6. In those few words, I could feel his affection for her. Touching TT

  7. Very nice. I like how you used the prompt. The title, Shadows of Silence, is terrific!
    Trisha Faye


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