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Alert Again WIP

This weeks Tuesday Tales is written to the word prompt: Toes

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Donna couldn't let her speak another minute or worse expose who Donna was. She knew that look. It was a look of certainty. A look, that would only lead to trouble for her. Donna would have to stifle her. But how? 

She removed her hand from her neck and chuckled. "Wow, I forgot I had that scar. Hmm, that was quite a number of years ago. But, I guess you're right 'everyone has a twin', this Donna must be mine." Donna smiled at the woman and turned back to pay the clerk and took her bag making her way quickly out of the store. 

Hopefully no one would be too suspicious but Donna couldn't take that chance. The woman was a persistent bugger and followed Donna to her car which was parked towards the back of the store under a weeping willow tree for shade. 

" I know you are Donna Right!" The woman said with conviction as she was almost directly behind Donna. "You escaped from the mental institution. Everyone is looking for you. You must have traveled for quite some time to make it all the way here. Georgia's a far way from home?" She confidently proclaimed as if finding a treasure. 

Donna had been putting the groceries in the back seat of the car as she reached for a bat that laid on the floor of the car. She closed the door shut and stood there with her back still facing the woman. The woman was so close that Donna could feel the warmth of her breath on the back of her neck. She couldn't find it in her to turn to face her. She came too far to be exposed now. She wouldn't let anyone get in her way from getting the revenge she so justly deserved. She wouldn't let anyone stop her from getting back at Charles for what he did to her. 


"Sissy, Sheriff Malcolm's here. Are you ready dear?" Abigail called out to Donna as she was finishing up the french braid in her hair. She had always like to do french braids in her hair ever since she perfected it when she was 15. People always complimented on how even it was and asked her how she could do it without having to see behind her head. She took a second to look at herself in the mirror. 

"I'll be right there." She called out.  "Perfect" she whispered to herself, she loved the dress she was wearing. The emerald green color went well with her raven red hair. She loved the way her green eyes popped with all the vibrant colors. She hoped the sheriff would feel the same.

She had spent the better part of the afternoon baking her deep dish apple pie as Abigail helped with the rest of the dinner. Abigail and Henry were off to the town for the evening leaving Donna and the Sheriff alone so they can enjoy an evening together just the two of them.

"Wow, you look amazing." Sheriff Malcolm was awestruck by Sissy's beauty. From the top of her raven red head to the cuteness of her dainty toes, which she wore only toe rings on. It made her look more like nature pure beauty. She smiled back at him and he melted.

"I'm sorry I'm a little late. Unfortunately, there was a body of a woman found by the riverside. So, I had to tend to that for sometime. I can stay for dinner but I will have to call the evening short, there's a lot that has to be done." Sheriff Malcolm remembered the body of the woman, naked, beaten and with a knife slit from ear to ear. He let out a sign. It had been a very overwhelming scene.

"Oh, that's terrible, who was it, can you tell me?" Abigail inquired with concern as Henry stood up from his chair giving his full attention.

"I'm afraid I couldn't but I also can't. This is a homicide investigation. She wasn't from around here and until we can identify the body we just don't know who she is. So she is a Jane Doe for now." The Sheriff cleared his throat.  "But, I'd like to just put that out of my head for a little while. I smell delicious food and I'm in the company of a beautiful lady, so let's make the best of this evening, shall we?."

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  2. What an intriguing excerpt. So much here...I'm very curious how dinner will go after all of that.

  3. I agree with Sarah, this is an intriguing scene.

  4. Yes, very intriguing scene with an interesting twist or two in it.

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  6. lovely excerpt. Very neat twists! Well done.


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