Monday, January 13, 2014

Satin and Lace Rise of the Nephilim WIP

This weeks Tuesday Tales is written to the word prompt: SATIN. I hope you like what I have for you. This is a snippet never read before of Sabrina and Henry when they first realized their feelings for one another. See below the song of inspiration.

Junior had left around five so he could prepare himself for the evenings event.  Everyone was meeting in the hall at 6:30 and Sabrina was being announced at 7 pm.  She was starting to feel nervous.  There was a knock at her door, she knew it was Henry.  Do to the added servants they were to act as human as possible just in case. Although Henry had the ability to control the minds of humans, he did not want to have to dispose of anyone unnecessarily. 

“You can come in!” she called from her dressing room.  Sabrina was dressed just in her undergarments admiring herself in the mirror. She did not want to put on her evening dress yet. She had liked the way the satin and lace of the undergarments felt on her skin but the dress was too constricting of her movement.

“Oh, you’re not fully dressed yet.”  Henry was surprised at the way she was.  Sabrina could see his expression over her shoulder through the mirror.  She turned to face him.

“Not yet, but I will be soon.  It’s only 6:15; it takes but a minute to put on a dress.”  She was calm now and observing the way Henry was eyeing her.  For the first time she could see the hunger he had for her.
“Henry, are you okay?” She asked as she cocked her head to the side with concern. He was totally silent while he stared at her.  There was a long moment and then he moved closer to her. He reached to pull her into him.

“I’m fine, Sabrina." He whispered into her hair.  "I forget how beautiful you are and when I let my guard down I get drawn in quickly.” She could feel the warmth of his body against hers. She looked up into his eyes and his lips found hers. She could feel a tremendous surge flowing through her as his body pressed harder against hers.

She felt the moistness between her thighs develop as he rubbed his hand between her legs, bringing her down to the plush rug. Both their breathing began to deepen as they touched, rubbed and caressed each other. Sabrina pulled off Henry's jacket and flipped with him so she was now topside as she unfastened his tie and started to unbutton his shirt.  She felt his heat from under his pants rise and she could smell in the air--Hank!

“AHEM,” Hank cleared his throat as he walked into the room without a single knock to warn them.

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  1. Well that certainly wasn`t the ending I thought I`d get. Well done!

  2. Hank, you're gonna die for interrupting them

  3. he should've knocked, someone is gong to be introuble :-)

  4. Love it. Was getting into the scene and bam! in walks Hank. LOL

  5. Oops .... hot scene and then ... Bang! Don't know about Hank.
    Love the song, too! :-)

  6. Love this steamy scene! You write it well, bringing the reader inside Sabrina's feelings. Love there attraction, but I'd love to belt Hank for spoiling a beautiful scene!! LOL. Well done!

  7. Oooh, so hot then Hank walks it. Bad Hank! Great scene!!


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