Monday, January 19, 2015

Basic Marketing for Authors

Do you have an idea on what basic marketing for authors is? If you like to know keep reading. 

"I just got published" She cries out to the world with absolute enthusiasm. 

No one hears her and aside from the crickets in the background, there is silence. 

Why, you ask?

Well simple, she hasn't built up an awareness of who she is. Only her close friends and family are proud and joining her at the restaurant on Saturday for celebratory drinks. Perhaps her partner in life will mention to his/her friends and co-workers.

Important fact: There are millions of authors now that have the ability to self-publish and it is still very hard to get chosen by the Big 6! And even if they do choose you that still doesn't mean they will market you. Which can be the potential for sudden death in the publishing world if you get picked up and can not produce sales.

So why should the world pay attention to you? 

I hear in the back of my head the song lyrics "I want you to want me, I need you to need me..." by Cheap Trick. You all need to be very grateful that you cannot hear me sing right about now. LOL, yes I laugh at my own jokes.

But seriously, those verses should resonate in your entire being when you think of how to take your brand, which is YOU to the next level. 

Google shows that there are approximately 7.125 Billion people living on the Earth and counting. Now I'm not saying all those people are going to buy and read your book. But what I am saying is do not get excited about 300 people buying and reading your book/s. Aim for a higher target. 

Example:  J.R.R. Tolkien author of The Lord of the Rings sold 150 million books as of 2013 but the book was originally published in 1954. That means it took 59 years to become a top 10 seller. YES it's true check the hyperlink. But why then did it take so long for his book to catch on? Simple, marketing. 

Tolkien didn't have the ability that you do with social media but what Tolkien did have was determination to succeed. He once wrote, "I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it is very difficult to find anyone." Even he had stumbling blocks but even though he spent many hours at that typewriter pounding the keys with worlds of brilliant imagination, he did get up and get out to see the world and make his mark. 

Here are some ways you can make your mark:

  1.  Build a presence on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Blog. There are virtual assistants you can hire that can help in this area in case you don't have time. 
  2. Go outside and meet people. This isn't always as easy as it is said. I am an extrovert, so I love being in the public eye but not everyone shares my personality. Find groups of people that have a commonality with you to start off there, with time graduate to other groups. Even though people are on line all the time there are still a lot of people that are physical. Leave Virtual you at home and shake a hand or two, you'll thank me for it.
  3. You remember your friends and family that you were having drinks with, recruit them. Have them help you expand your reach into the world. How? Easy, more than likely they also have social media accounts so when you post something ask them to LIKE, SHARE, RETWEET and COMMENT. Also, ask them to ask their friends and family. Build you web and it will spread. 
  4. Be consistent. This is hard as hell to do for a lot of newbies. Especially when it comes to the self-publishing authors. You publish a book and within 2 months another one is published by years end you have 6 books and 0 sales. STOP the INSANITY! I call this a "serious case of ADHD" By being consistent you FOCUS on your book and it's exposure. Market the hell out of that one book. Yes you can still write your next one/s but hold off publishing until you have a solid platform to launch them off of. You are your brand and if I don't know you I don't want you. 
  5. Don't expect overnight success. It doesn't exist. Most businesses plan campaigns for marketing. They set up an itinerary and assign dates and times for exposure on certain parts of the campaign and are very consistent with a specific ear worm or visual aid that you the consumer will connect with and after the brand has been embedded into your mind the campaign shows signs of success. Ex. Flo from Progressive Insurance or that Duck from Aflac. Branding is key.
If you can get through these 5 tips then you will be doing well. 

Marketing isn't easy by any means and neither is generating sales of any thing. You have to work at it. You have to be consistent with your branding. You need to focus, You need a plan. And most importantly YOU need to WORK at it. 

Aside from writing I am a Network-Marketing Specialist/Virtual Assistant. I offer my services to all those in need of expanding their reach. My Motto: Let me be the Virtual YOU! 


  1. Right on, Tai. Well said. I support your ideas. Wish all new authors would listen to this.

    1. Me too. Eventually they will all do the right thing.

  2. Great post, Tai.

    BTW, how cute are Robin Zander and Tom Petterson??

    1. Don't you know it. Did I create an ear worm?

  3. Thanks for your pieces of advice! I really appreciate this. I hope all the writers will really stick to this. It's really very important.


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