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The end of the WICKED! #nephilimborn #prettyreckless

Snippet of WIP Nephilim Born

As usual, music is my muse and below you will find a video of my inspiration for this snippet.

Sabrina followed Steine into the building. He went into an elevator on the north side of the building to the 19th floor. She took the ride up.  He didn’t even realize who she was. Just goes to show how much he paid attention to his daughter’s friends. Although Sabrina did look very different; she had gone to the store on Sunday and bought a professional looking outfit to wear so she could blend instead of her normal jeans, shirt and sneakers.Sabrina was sizing up her prey. He was about 6’, thick brown hair and brown eyes. His build was kind of frumpy for his age. You could tell he didn’t work out much. She wasn’t worried about that anyway.  She knew she could take him--after all her combat trainer was a 7’2” Angel.  
As the elevator rode up people got off on their designated levels. She decided it was a good opportunity to focus on Steine’s mind. He was thinking normal mind junk of what he was doing today and how his stomach was upset and he’d have to take an antacid. Then he started thinking of what he did to Stephanie the night before and what he wanted to do to her tonight while her mother was at the gym. He was going to Tiffany’s at lunch to buy Stephanie a bracelet.
Sabrina’s blood began to boil. What a scumbag this guy was. How could he do this to his daughter? Sabrina decided to check out his memories.  What’s this?  Wait a minute. He was remembering when his wife approached him the first time. Poor Stephanie was six then.  They got into a heated argument and he had knocked her out for a couple of hours. When she recovered he had threatened to kill her if she told anyone.  Bastard!  Well, someone was going to die--that was for sure.She didn’t realize how much she was able to read into someone’s mind. This was a very useful ability even if what she had been reading was sick and twisted.
Steine got off at his stop. She noticed him glance in her direction and wink.  She winked back and smirked. She was enjoying her prey too much. This was going to be well worth it.  She took the elevator back down to the basement garage so she could prepare.  She had to eliminate the cameras and any other devices that were used for security.
Demetri was waiting for her in the shadows. He said that she should be in the elevator when Steine boarded for lunch and take it to the lower level garage. Fewer people would be there and it seemed like Steine was the type to follow her. Once they were alone in the elevator she would flirt and lure him to the garage.  Demetri promised that he would be there if she needed any help but he was fully confident that she could handle this clown on her own.
Around noontime, Sabrina started to ride the north elevator to the 19th floor. While no one was in the elevator she had disabled the camera as Demetri instructed. She moved too fast for any footage to be taken.  She got off the elevator and asked the secretary nonsense questions to buy time.  Just as planned, Steine went to lunch at noon.
Sabrina stepped into the elevator with him.  He asked what floor she was going to so he could push the button.  She told him the lower level garage.  He started to talk casually with Sabrina. “So, I haven’t seen you before.  Do you work here?” His voice repulsed her.She told him she worked in the mailroom knowing that she didn’t look old enough for any other position.  She smiled at him and asked him how long he was working here and if he could suggest a good place to eat for lunch.  He told her about a deli that was nearby that had the absolute best pastrami on rye and that she should join him, his treat.  This was going to be easier than she thought.
Sabrina told him she just had to get something from her car in the garage but then she was free to go. He offered to walk her to the car. She could hear his thoughts of all the ways he wanted to “screw” her on the elevator ride down.  Sabrina just kept smiling and using her sexual allure. This was going to be truly satisfying.
They arrived at the lower-level of the garage.  No one was in sight. She walked to the furthest corner where the light had been removed along with any cameras.  There was a Honda Civic parked there. Like a predator, he followed her. She could hear and feel his breathing start to increase. He was still talking to her about himself and how he was a successful investment banker and how it would be great if they met every day for lunch. Sabrina asked him if he was married because he had no ring on or any markings of one. He of course lied. Sabrina smiled.
She walked up to the door of the car and leaned over as if trying to open with a key. “Funny, this key always gets jammed and the battery on my alarm key doesn’t work.  You think you can come over here and help me with this?” Sabrina giggled with a helpless whisper.“Sure thing,” he said eagerly and she handed him her key. She stepped back and he tried to put the key in. He was trying for a few seconds and was mumbling that he thought she had the wrong key. With his back towards her, he knelt down because of the lack of light trying to fit the key in.  Sabrina put her hands on his shoulders gently as if to massage them. Then she whispered in his ear, “You stole my friend Stephanie’s innocence and now I’m going to take your life.”  As she finished the last word in her sentence, she bit down hard on his neck as he jerked to get free letting out a single yelp which she quickly stifled.
Sabrina had such a hold on him he could not get out of it. She drank him dry. What a power surge she felt. She could now feel Demetri’s presence near her. She turned around and he smiled. He handed her a filet knife like the ones that she would use when filleting shark. Demetri would be her lookout as she began the deed of dismembering him so that every piece of him could be scattered. 

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