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Everyday you have the opportunity to invent another part of who you are. Please take that chance and make the best of it.

Dear World and Life beyond Earth,

Tai's Log 1st Entry:

I'm a pretty simple person. An over achiever with nothing to show for it. As of 2013, I am a writer,  mother, wife, sales and marketing representative, religion teacher, friend, family member, dog and cat owner, displaced Sandy victim and United States Natural born citizen.   Other than that, nothing really special.

But what sets me apart is my mind.  I truly feel that I think on a whole other level. I'm not saying I'm smarter or dumber but just different. I often find myself wondering what other people are really thinking, and hoping that they have imagination and dreams. Giving humans the opportunity to be more than just what we get from "face value" Some people can be real pricks at times, I'd like to think that is do to a really bad day, even week.  Unless they are just the 5% which is a bunch of assholes.

I will now ramble about something else;

You ever sit outside at night, when the sky is clear and you can see the stars.? I haven't had the opportunity to do that lately. I'm "displaced" and where I'm at doesn't allow for a true clear view as I had had before where my home was (the price we pay for living by the water). I wasn't surrounded by as many homes or high structures.  That is a deterent for a clear view into the night sky. I always felt stronger and more alive when I was near the water.  And during the full moon I feel complete.

Anyway, I remember the clear night sky. I remember wondering at times that if I stretched out my arm far enough could I touch the sky.  Are the stars and planets truly there?  If so, is some being at that very moment looking out into the sky stretching out their limb and wondering the same things I am.  I'd give anything to be a person to travel beyond this world.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to give.  So here I am, just, wondering. 

My father use to tell me that I was very inquisitive.  I needed to know who, what, where, when, why and how about everything.  I was never satisfied with the simple explanation. I needed to touch everything.  They use to call my "itchy fingers" But, till this day I still do that. I'm a toucher. I can't go through a store wihtout touching at least one thing. Or if I'm at the beach, park or wherever I need to examine something, anything, I guess its a way I validate it's existence.  Or perhaps mine.

Well that is all the rambling for today. Let's see if I can keep this up.


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